World Earth Day: Invest In Our Planet with Miraculous Vijaya

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Vijaya has always been revered by Ayurvedic doctorsand medical professionals for its unique therapeutic properties and health benefits. Its robust pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties and quick and effective action on the body make it an integral part of Ayurvedic health care today. 

But besides improving the health and life quality of the patients, this ancient herb helps preserve the well-being of the planet. The Vijaya plant grows quickly and does not need as much fertilizers and pesticides as other crops. It helps reduce soil pollution to a large extent and preserve natural soils. 

Farmers can hence implement sustainable organic farming practices for cultivation. That, combined with decreased toxic herbicide usage, helps keep the soil fertile in the long term.

Moreover, the fuel and fiber derived from Vijaya’s plants can help alleviate rising global temperatures by providing an effective alternative to imported fossil fuels like gas and oil and replacing chemical-intensive crops like cotton.

This World Earth Day, we look at why cultivating this miraculous herb is an immensely beneficial investment in the planet.


The Different Environmental Impacts of Vijaya

Being an integral part of the planet’s natural ecosystem for millennia, Vijaya exhibits numerous environmental benefits to the air, water, and land quality. It thus contributes to the ecological balance on the planet. 

Improves Water Quality

Cultivating Vijaya benefits water quality in the surrounding waterways. As mentioned earlier, its successful growth requires fewer fertilizers and pesticides. Hence, the number of harmful chemicals seeping into the waterways through the irrigation system decreases. As a result, it greatly reduces the risk of water pollution.

Besides alleviating the patients’ health conditions, this cannabis medicine in India also reduces the consumption of harmful conventional drugs. Due to this decrease in traditional pharmaceutical consumption, patients have lesser leftover drugs that need disposal. Moreover, there are also lesser harmful chemicals entering the waterways through urine.

Cleans the Soil Naturally

CO2 (Carbon dioxide) plays a major role in global warming. Vijaya’s plants have been found to absorb and store in the soil more CO2 per hectare than any other commercial or forest crop. This CO2 bonds with Vijaya’s fibers that have numerous industrial uses, from paper to textiles, and as a construction material!

Additionally, it grows quickly, even in nutrient-poor and infertile soil types. Combined with lesser water consumption and little to no fertilizers, this herb is one of the most efficient CO2 converters.

Provides a Renewable Biofuel

Vijaya’s plants have the potential to provide renewable biofuel and reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels. A study conducted at the University of Connecticut found that they could efficiently convert over 97% of the plant’s fibers to viable biodiesel, which is usable at lower temperatures than the one currently available.

It is a more attractive and environment-friendly raw material for producing sustainable biofuel than alternatives like corn, sugar beet, and palm oil.

How Legalizing Vijaya Has Affected the Environment

Recently, many countries worldwide have been reforming their laws to legalize the cultivation and usage of cannabis-based medicines. They also include the Indian central government legalizing cannabis medicine in India.

Earlier, Vijaya could only be cultivated indoors because it was never legally accepted, owing to its stigma. Those indoor facilities consumed a lot of energy through artificial air regulation systems and extensive artificial lighting for growth. 

It mainly includes high-intensity light bulbs containing mercury that have severe effects on the environment and human health. They also generate a substantial carbon footprint.

But as a result of this large-scale legalization and acceptance, Vijaya’s production has moved into the open. This outdoor cultivation has significantly reduced excessive energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions.

The plants can now grow freely under the sun without artificial growth mechanisms. 

Consequently, deriving cannabis-based medicines from it has become safer and more environment-friendly.


Vijaya is hence a miraculous herb with numerous advantages and possibilities. Exploring it further and leveraging its properties can help different industries worldwide lessen their environmental impact. 

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