Surprising Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis

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The debate of benefits of medical cannabis is always a roller coaster ride! On one hand, where the world is booming with its incredible benefits, radicals are catapulting its disadvantages on the other side! These counter-arguments are confusing people the most! If you too are wondering what to believe and what not to, then fret not! Here we are going to explore everything about cannabis (also known as marijuana). So, you have heard about cannabis for medical use? But did you know where does cannabis come from? It is an Indian hemp plant that people have been using from a long time for treating health ailments. In the country, apart from using cannabis as medicine,it is especially used for making bhang (a drink). Now, you might say that bhang is an intoxicant. Well, yes, it is but cannabis does have advantages and that is why people have embraced it!

When it comes to the cannabis plant, there is a variety of molecules such as CBD (cannabidiol), THC (tetrahydrocannabidiol) and many more. And these two chemical compounds when used in different potency make all the difference. CBD is non-psychoactive, but THC has a psychotropic effect (it will make you high). Both of these cannabinoids are the backbone of cannabis, which can either benefit you or vice versa! Let us firstly unveil its pros and then the cons!

Powerful Health Benefits of Cannabis

According to NCBI, medical marijuana has therapeutic potential, and this is the reason people are counting on cannabis treatment for different health issues. You might be wondering what it does to health? Dive in to know!

Alzheimer: A study was published in the journal Molecular Pharmaceutics, which states that marijuana could be helpful for people with alzheimer. The THC compound of cannabis slows down the formation of plaques that are known to kill brain cells, which further causes this disease.

Chronic pain: It is worth noting that cannabis has become a popular alternative to traditional pain-relieving medication. There are several pieces of evidence that support cannabis for medical use as it could provide relief from chronic pain. Apart from this, it may relieve neuropathic pain as well.

Epilepsy: Researches showcased that cannabis could help in controlling seizures. Also, the FDA has approved medical cannabis drug Epidiolex for epilepsy. It is used to treat dravet syndrome and lennox-gastaut syndrome. Clinical studies tell that people taking this drug have experience a fall in the number of seizures.

Diabetes: Talking about the cbd oil ayurveda offers to us, it might ward off the risk of diabetes. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and it can lower insulin resistance. It could stabilize blood sugars and enhance gut hormone levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Cancer: This may surprise you but vijaya ayurveda or cannabis acts as an add-on in the treatment of cancer. It could aid in relieving side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea, loss of appetite and weight, vomiting, etc. It may even slow down the growth of some cancer cells and reduce tumor invasion.

The Bottom Line

The main thing is – people choose cannabis for medical use as it does have numerous health benefits. However, consuming it recreationally or without the prescription of a certified physician will surely get you in the loop of trouble. Stay safe by consulting and following the instructions of your doctor.

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