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Hempstreet Privacy Policy (“Hemp Street”) is authored and published by Wellbeing Healthtech Pvt. Ltd. The website and app (“Sites”) are services provided by Hemp Street to bring together Indian traditional medical practitioners/hospitals/institutions etc. (“practitioners”) and provide a platform for healthcare seekers or patient (“Users”) to interact with each other. Your usage of the sites will be subject to your affirmation to these terms or service or legal agreement (“Agreement”). Please read the document carefully. If you do not agree to the terms of service, please discontinue the usage of the sites.

Hemp Street provides services to both practitioners and users without a fee (“services”). These services include:

  • Practitioners-Creating profiles for practitioners which can be shared with the users.
  • Users- Creating personal accounts to search for, interact and book an appointment with the practitioners

Hemp Street may make changes to these terms as and when it deems necessary. Such a change will be informed to the user immediately.

Privacy Policy

Hemp Street asks for information of the practitioner and user before and after the creation of the profile. This site also uses cookies. Please read the privacy policy carefully to understand how your information is used on the sites.

  • Hemp Street collects details such as names, contact numbers, email addresses and copies of degrees and certifications (in case of practitioners) in order to create an authentic and sound profile of users and practitioners. Such profiles help us in providing you the best services on the sites.
  • The information collected by Hemp Street is completely secure. We advise the practitioners and users to secure their accounts by using strong passwords.
  • Advertisers, partners and affiliates may provide their links on the sites. Clicking on such links is based on your own discretion. Advertisers, partners and affiliates follow a different set of privacy policy and terms of use which can be found on their websites
  • Your information is NOT shared with any third party. We maintain confidentiality and privacy of all the practitioners and users of the sites. However, if the breach of confidentiality is on part of the practitioner or user, Hemp Street will not be held liable for it.
  • The sites use cookies. If you do not want to be tracked, you can delete the cookies from your hard drive. However, in such a case, the sites’ ability to provide all its features may be hampered.

By continuing the use of this website, you agree to all the terms, conditions and privacy policy statements listed above. In case of any queries, please talk to us at [email protected]

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