Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Cannabis Legality

  1. Who can access medical cannabis products?

    If you are a patient seeking medical cannabis products, then you need to have a relevant health condition (chronic pain, Dysmenorrhea, Anxiety, stress, seizures, etc.), and a proper prescription from certified medical experts can access medical cannabis products.

  2. What are the requirements to qualify to buy medical cannabis legally?

    You must be of a minimum legal age of 18 to buy medical cannabis.

    You must be diagnosed with a relevant medical condition like chronic pain, stress/anxiety/depression, sleep/gastrointestinal/sexual disorders, etc.

    And you must procure a valid prescription from a certified Ayurvedic doctor.

  3. How do I consult an Ayurvedic health expert to get a prescription?

    To get the best medical consultation, you can contact responsible, research-backed ventures like Hempstreet Medicare and book an appointment. Our network of over 60,000+ certified ayurvedic experts across India serving in 18000+ clinics ensures safe and efficacious treatment.

  4. Is consuming medical cannabis legal?

    The central government of India has stated that, as per the current legal framework, the medical, scientific, and industrial use of cannabis is allowed.

  5. What do modern medical experts say about medical cannabis?

    Over the years, after conducting numerous research and clinical trials, modern medical experts have started acknowledging the wide-ranging therapeutic properties of cannabis. It has been found to be effective in easing various acute and chronic conditions in a safe and natural way without showing any serious adverse side effects.

  6. Can I consume the medications in public/at work?

    While consuming medical cannabis in public/at work is legal, you must ensure that you carry the medications in their original packaging and keep your prescription at hand. You must also speak to your employer to learn about their policies and any potential accommodations regarding medical cannabis patients.

  7. Can I travel with my medicines?

    The laws regarding cannabis medicines vary worldwide. In some countries, they may not be legal even with a valid prescription. It is best to consult the government website of your destination country and learn about the regulations.

  8. What if the police/security stop me?

    If stopped by the police, show them your prescription (either digital or in print) along with the medications in their original packaging.

  9. Does health insurance cover cannabis-based medications?

    Unfortunately, most of the public and private health insurances worldwide, do not cover cannabis-based medications due to the varying legislations around it. It was only in 2020 that the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) of Australia became the first to publicly back medical cannabis and offer rebates for the same. Medical institutions often buy the herb in bulk to keep the costs down, or in concentrated forms like oils as they have a longer shelf life.

Consumption, Dosage, and Safety

  1. What are the potential side effects of using medical cannabis?

    When consumed without proper consultation/dosage, medical cannabis can lead to mild side effects like dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, drowsiness, light-headedness, and nausea. Abusing the herb or overdosing can potentially cause addiction and hallucinations.

  2. How do I know your medicines are safe, reliable, and of high quality?

    Our cannabis medicines are licensed by the Ministry of Ayush. They are plant-based, non-GMO, preservative-free, environment-friendly, and backed by the best-in-class research. Our studies have found them to be safe and highly effective for consumption.

  3. Is medical cannabis safe for everyone, including children and pregnant or breastfeeding women?

    The natural compounds of cannabis are known for their interactions with the central nervous system, which can be overwhelming for newly developing bodies. Hence, pregnant and/or breastfeeding women, as well as all children below 18, are advised to not consume medical cannabis.

  4. Can medical cannabis impair my driving or cognitive function?

    When used for medical purposes, the concentration of cannabis’s secretions is within a safe and tolerable range. Hence, it does not exhibit any adverse effects on the brain. But when consumed in excess, it may affect mental functions like cognition, behaviour, driving, concentration, etc.

  5. What should I do if I experience negative side effects from medical cannabis?

    Medical cannabis’s side effects are mild or moderate and generally stop quickly. But if the effects worsen, you must consult your Ayurvedic health expert to alleviate the condition and revise the treatment regimen and dosage.

  6. Will I get a high/will I get addicted to it?

    The doses of cannabis required for medical purposes are usually significantly lower than what is generally used for recreation. Hence, you will only get addicted to the herb if you want to, i.e., if you abuse/overuse it. Although the THC in the herb can cause a mild high upon consumption, due to its relaxing properties.

  7. Does it cause withdrawal symptoms?

    Unlike the addictive conventional drugs (opioids/NSAIDs/analgesics/antidepressants), medical cannabis neither leads to addiction nor causes withdrawal symptoms upon the cessation of the treatment. Such effects only occur in the case of recreational use of the herb.

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