What Kinds Of Pain Can Vijaya Alleviate?

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Pain is one of the most important tools of communication in the body when it suffers any damage. Over one in five adults worldwide suffer from pain, and over one in 10 are diagnosed with chronic pain each year. It is an uncomfortable sensation that signals towards an illness or injury and tells us where and when attention is needed in the body.

It is regulated by nerve fibers that send pain signals to the brain the moment the body gets hurt. The brain then reacts to make us aware of the damage. Pain has different causes and hence can be broken into different types. Some are intense enough to cause numerous physical and mental side effects, including mobility issues, decreased life quality, anxiety, and depression.

Pain tolerance and perception vary among people based on their condition as well as internal physiology. While one might not even realize having a broken bone, others might feel an incapacitating pain from the same injury.

Let us look at the different types of pain and which among them can Vijaya-derived cannabis medicine in India help you provide relief from.

Types of Pain

There are five common types of pain:

  • Acute Pain

Acute pain occurs suddenly and has a limited duration, anywhere from a few minutes to over three months. It is frequently caused by soft-tissue injury in the muscles, organs, or bones or a temporary illness and typically heals when the injury or illness is gone. 

In case the injury or illness is not treated properly, or the pain signals go wrong, this acute pain turns into a chronic one. Hence it is crucial not to ignore acute pain and get the right Ayurvedic consultation on time to alleviate it.

  • Chronic Pain

Chronic pain lasts much longer and is usually more severe. It can either be constant or intermittent and last for over months and sometimes even years. Chronic pain is caused by long-term illnesses such as arthritis and fibromyalgia and the side effects of conventional drugs and treatment procedures.

  • Nociceptive Pain

Nociceptive pain is caused by tissue damage, often due to an external injury (twisting your ankle, falling and scraping your knee, etc.). It can be achy, sharp, or throbbing. It is often experienced in the muscles, tendons, bones, joints, and muscles and can be both chronic and acute.

  • Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain is a common type of chronic pain, which happens due to nerve damage or harm to the nervous system. It is characterized by shooting, burning, or stabbing sensations. It can be intermittent, but it is usually severe enough to disrupt the patients’ daily lives and workflow. 

  • Radicular Pain

Radicular pain happens due to inflammation or compression in the spine. It radiates from the back and hip to the legs through the spine and its nerve roots. It can cause numbness and muscle weakness. Sciatica is a common type of radicular pain caused by harm to the sciatic nerve.

Which Types Of Pain Can Vijaya Alleviate?

The potent Ayurvedic herb Vijaya and its derived cannabis medicine in India are revered for their strong pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Numerous researches and clinical studies show that it is immensely effective for alleviating all kinds of pain, along with their symptoms. 

A recent review of trials on the effect of Vijaya on acute pain shows that the herb caused a statistically significant treatment effect. Its chemical compounds cannabinoids significantly reduced the acute pain scores among patients and were found to be a safer alternative to conventional treatment methods.

In an Israeli study, consuming cannabis medicine in India remarkably reduced the pain symptom, severity, and interference scores among chronic pain patients. The herb not only alleviated chronic pain and its symptoms among the patients, but it also significantly decreased their consumption of traditional pain medications and addictive opioids.

A 2019 study showed how Vijaya modulates the endocannabinoid system expressed in different pain pathways and effectively reduces pain threshold in patients suffering from nociceptive pain. It increases the production of the endogenous bliss molecule Anandamide in the body. 

The herb then binds with it and suppresses the pain perception in people by blocking its signaling in the brain. Besides alleviating nociceptive pain, these increased anandamide levels activate the cannabinoid receptors in the brain to decrease anxiety, depression, and stress among the patients. 

In the UK, the researchers showed Vijaya’s efficacy for alleviating neuropathic pain. It is one of the very few substances that are effective for both nociceptive and neuropathic pains. While conventional drugs do not help with the condition and worsen it with side effects, Vijaya shows a strong pain-killing action on consumption among neuropathic pain patients.

Another study found out that Vijaya not only activates the brain’s cannabinoid receptors but also reduces the connections between the brain’s pain processing regions to bring remarkable relief among sciatica pain patients. It further reduces the production of inflammatory cytokine cells in the immune system to decrease inflammation in the spine among radicular pain patients.

Because of this action, Vijaya is effective for other kinds of pain. It includes cancer pain (commonly due to the side effects of chemotherapy and the related drugs) and post-operative pain due to surgical procedures.

Why Vijaya?

Besides its direct and effective action on the different kinds of pain, Vijaya has a very high safety profile as compared to conventional drugs and treatment methods. According to this research, Vijaya’s THC has a very wide safety margin and does not lead to fatal overdoses, while its CBD is very safe and non-intoxicating.

On consumption, besides relieving pain and inflammation among patients, Vijaya alleviates the conditions’ symptoms and improves the quality of life among the patients. It does not show any adverse side effects shown by addictive and harmful traditional drugs and reduces the dependency on them.

To know more about how cannabis medicine in India can help you relieve your different kinds of pain, contact Hempstreet and get the best Ayurvedic consultation for yourself.


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