Understanding the Effectiveness of Vijaya in Post-Operative Pain

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Postoperative pain is the temporary pain that happens after a surgical process. Commonly, it occurs after-burn excisions (cutting out a wounded tissue to facilitate healing) and/or grafting (taking a healthy tissue, skin, or bone from a body part to replace a damaged one). 

This increased pain happens due to the newly created wounds and tissue injuries and is often characterized by muscle spasms and persistent neuropathic pain. Usually, it lasts for a few days and the patients start feeling better within a week or two. But depending upon the complexity of the surgery, it might take longer to heal. 

The pain that occurs immediately after the surgery and lasts for a limited time is called acute pain. Whereas if it lasts for more than three months, it is termed chronic and becomes hard to be treated.

Alleviating Post-Operative Pain with Cannabis Medicine in India 

Medical experts usually prescribe over-the-counter drugs, prescription medications, strong antibiotic painkillers, NSAIDs, and addictive opioids (narcotics) to their patients for their relief. But instead of being the saviors, these medications are the primary causes of under-management of post-operative pain.

Because the harmful health complications and side effects that come with them worsen the pain instead of alleviating it. Hence, their dosage is always limited and less than optimal.

Such poor management of this pain leads to numerous consequences such as impairment in body function, decreased quality of life, and delays in recovery time. As a result of this, the consumption of addictive opioids increased among patients, which compromised their health even further.

Moreover, it becomes more likely for the acute pain happening immediately after surgery to turn into a chronic one.

Multiple studies conducted over the years have found the herb Vijaya and cannabis medicine in India to be more holistic and effective than traditional medications in managing post-operative pain. And Ayurveda doctors and medical professionals are increasingly prescribing this herb to help patients manage their condition.

The reason why Vijaya has emerged as an effective medication for pain relief is the way its active compounds influence the body without leading to harmful side effects. As you might know, the herb has two active compounds, called cannabinoids. They are namely CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). 

When people consume this herb, these compounds interact with the Endocannabinoid System (the ECS). The ECS contains two primary kinds of receptors, CB1 and CB2. And they have a very high concentration in the central nervous system (CNS) and the immune system, respectively.

The CNS mainly consists of the nerves in the brain and the spinal cord. When the above-mentioned cannabinoids go into the ECS, they bind with these receptors to activate them. Because of this, Vijaya is able to directly affect the activity of the brain and its pain-processing pathways.

This reduces the pain perception in people, allowing them to properly heal post-operation. Not only that, but Vijaya also helps alleviate the side effects caused by earlier consumption of conventional medications and reduces the patients’ dependence on addictive drugs.

The Role of Inflammation in post-operative pain

Many people experience some swelling at the site of surgery in their body. This is because whenever a surgical cut is made on the body, it sees it as a form of injury. And its response to that injury happens in the form of inflammation. 

When those swollen tissues hit against sensitive nerve endings, they cause even more pain having different types of severity.

The immune cells release certain proteins called Cytokines and Chemokines that trigger this inflammatory response. This inflammation happens not only in the tissues but also in the central nervous system. And it plays a key role in the development and persistence of many post-surgery pain states. 

Such cytokines and chemokines bind to the receptors in the pain fiber terminals and cause hyperactivity in the nerve cells. This results in continuous pain sensation.

How Vijaya Alleviates Inflammation to Manage the Pain

The robust pain-relieving property shown by cannabis medicine in India is not the only reason why medical experts and Ayurveda doctors consider Vijaya to be the best pain reliever medicine today.

Vijaya, Hemp medicine in India, is also known to effectively reduce inflammation with its strong anti-inflammatory properties. As mentioned above, the ECS’ CB2 receptors are highly present in the immune cells. And Vijaya mediates its effects through these receptors. 

The cannabinoids in the herb activate these CB2 receptors in the immune cells and activate them. Hence, they play an important role in regulating immune function. As per a study conducted in the USA, both THC and CBD alter the production of cytokines by the immune cells.

By reducing the production of such proinflammatory proteins, the herb helps alleviate inflammation and hence the consequent pain.

Managing Other Discomforts

Besides inflammation and continuous pain, there are numerous other discomforts that patients have to face post-operation. The most common include insomnia, restless legs, and constipation. Such conditions delay the patients’ recovery and increase their suffering. 

What makes Vijaya the best pain-reliever medicine is that it helps alleviate such post-operative conditions alongside the pain. By binding with the cannabinoid receptors in the gut, the herb reduces constipation and relaxes the intestinal muscles.

And because of its direct influence on the brain, Vijaya reduces the excessive dopamine production and restores balance to the neural activity. This reduction in neural hyperactivity helps provide relief from restless leg syndrome to patients after operation.

Furthermore, this impact on the brain helps Vijaya induce sleep, increase sleep quality, and decrease the time taken to fall asleep. This helps the patients better manage their post-operative discomforts and heal quicker.

To know more about the effectiveness of Vijaya in alleviating post-operative pain and its consequences, get  online ayurvedic consultation now.


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