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Vijaya as a Remedy for Multiple Health Conditions

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Abstract: Ayurveda is the safe, cost-effective treatment practiced in India for thousands of years and need of the today’s world against covid-19. For this case study, a male patient of age 47 years with fatigue, interrupted sleep, and restless leg was selected and administered with ayurvedic herbal treatment including Trailokya Vijaya Vati with ashwagadharishta as anupana. The Results are assessed through the patient’s subjective improvement in symptoms and patient perspective. Trailokya Vijaya Vati gave a marked improvement in chronic pain in this case.


Many patients come to OPD with a wide variety of signs and symptoms including fatigue, body ache & disturbed sleep is the most occurring health condition. The need for a therapeutic approach that is safe, effective, and gives results is the accountability of the scientific world. That way the world is focused and looking towards Ayurveda which through its Rasayana counterpart may provide a safe, cost-effective therapeutic approach against various illnesses. Ayurveda literature described Rasayana as one of the chief approaches for rejuvenation. 

Case Report

Patient description

A 47-year male presented in O.P.D. of my clinic with a complaint of fatigue, restless leg, and disturbed sleep.  Associated Complaints of generalized weakness and difficulty in doing daily routine were also present. The patient doesn’t have any previous illness of diabetes/bronchial asthma/T.B/ Hypothyroidism and hypertension and has not taken any allopathic and ayurvedic treatment before the visit to the OPD.

Clinical Finding

General Examination and Personal history

All vital signs within the normal limits. He had a poor appetite, body aches, fatigue, restless legs, and disturbed sleep pattern(shallow and easily wake up) with Normal bladder, bowel habits. He is a bank employee and had a sedentary lifestyle, moderately built, and moderately nourished. The patient has pitta predominant Prakriti and is currently also complaining of mood swings. 

Treatment plan

Medicine to be used:  During the first visit, the patient was prescribed Trailokya Vijya Vati with Ashwagandharishta as Anupana. A dose of 2 tabs twice a day was prescribed and taken by the patient. Ashwagandharishta in the dose of 20 ml twice daily along with Vati as Anupana is prescribed. The patient has advised dietary and lifestyle modification especially Vata and Pitta shamak ahara vihara. Some yogasana were also prescribed to the patient.


During the first 5 days of treatment, the patient reported a marked reduction in fatigue and disturbed sleep but still, restless leg symptoms don’t show any improvement. But when the patient visited the OPD, 10 days after completing the course of medication, he felt better having sound sleep, fatigue was completely resolved and restless leg symptoms completely subsided. Now the patient is able to do routine work without any difficulty.


 The treatment includes the Rasayana therapy which was helpful in vata and pitta shaman. 

The Trailokya Vijaya Vati is the ayurvedic formulation described by ancient scholars for the management of vata disorders. It contains the Vijya and Vanshlochana both of which directly act on vata and showed marked improvement in symptoms of Vata like pain(shool), disturbed sleep (anidra). Previous studies reported the usefulness of cannabis in chronic fatigue and sleep disturbance. Vanshalochana acts on the mind as a cooling agent for the mind and helpful in insomnia & disturbed sleep patterns. Both the herbs are also helpful in the enhancement of appetite, improvement of weight which are also the associated complaints of the patient. 

Ashwagadharishta is the formulation prescribed for mental stress, fatigue, enhancement of stamina, and power. Ashwagandha is the well-known Rasayana described by ancient Ayurveda scholars. In the present patient, Ashwagandharishta as anupna enhances the rasayana effect of Trailokya Vijaya Vati for reducing physical and mental fatigue. The therapeutic approach is also seen to enhance the mood of the patient which leads to improvement in the overall working efficacy of the patient.


Trailokya Vijaya Vati can also be used as a therapeutic for reducing the worsening condition of fatigue. Trailokya Vijaya Vati is an excellent Non- NSAID alternative for pain, fatigue, and ache management. It also helps in enhancing sleep quality. So Trailokya Vijya Vati has a great potential to be used in viral illnesses which are hallmarked by fatigue, non-specific pain, and myalgia.

This case study suggests that chronic pain can be managed with Trailokya Vijaya Vati successfully. Trailokya Vijaya Vati may act as supportive management of chronic pain along with other herbal formulations for the successful treatment of chronic pain.

Case study by Dr. Arun Gupta, Medical Officer & Consultant Ayurvedacharya

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