Arthritis Pain and How Vijaya Can Help

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Arthritis is, unfortunately, one of the most prevalent and rising diseases in India. A majority of males over 60 years of age and females above the age of 50 suffer from this disease. The most common and prevalent variant of it being osteoarthritis.

A vast majority of people suffer from some kind of joint problems. Arthritis affects around 180 million people in India. This is more than the people affected by diabetes and even cancer.

So what exactly is this disease, and why is it so rife?

Understanding the Term

The term ‘arthritis’ refers to numerous diseases that affect the joints of your body and the surrounding tissues and/or ligaments. By causing inflammation to the joints, it hinders their proper movement and function.

This is caused primarily due to the overuse of joints with age and obesity. In some cases can also be caused by infections, an imbalance in the immune system, and genetics.


Imaging techniques like X-Ray, CT scan, MRI scan, and Ultrasound tests help determine the type of the disease and the symptoms.


The treatment can be done by:

  • Medications like painkillers, counterirritants, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), etc.
  • Physical therapy like exercises to strengthen the joints and improve their motion.
  • Surgery (in case the other methods don’t work) like joint replacement or repair.
  • Use of Vijaya

What is Vijaya?

Vijaya has been leveraged in Ayurveda for thousands of years to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, uplift mood, improve sleep and more. Used in over 80 Ayurvedic formulations, it is regarded as one of the five most essential herbs. 

Vijaya has abundant medical potential without harmful side effects. It is proven to stimulate the endocannabinoid system, the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining overall health, and promoting homeostasis. 

Medicinal Cannabis is its medical usage and made available to patients through a doctor’s prescription. 

How Does Vijaya Work to Relieve Arthritis Pain?

One of the most critical concerns in arthritis is pain management. Conventional painkillers, steroids, and NSAIDs are generally prescribed to ease the pain. 

But Vijaya doesn’t work like them.

Vijaya plants contain cannabinoids, which are chemical substances that occur naturally in them. They are also manufactured synthetically and are proven effective in the treatment of arthritis pain.

When consumed via ingestion or inhalation, the cannabinoids bind to the Vijaya receptors spread throughout the body, activate the brain’s reward system, and start decreasing the pain levels and inflammation in the joints and the surrounding tissues, including the cartilage and the ligaments.

Why Should You Consider It?

The study conducted by the Federation of European Neuroscience societies approves the therapeutic value of cannabinoids, and many pharmacists across the world bless its bright future.

Other studies and polls done by various researchers and medical experts of the Arthritis Society of Canada, University of Kentucky College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, and the University of Toronto show us the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities of cannabinoid treatments.

Dr Benjamin Caplan, M.D., founder of the CED Foundation and Clinic in Boston and a cannabis specialist, acknowledges that CBD medications do not show many of the severe side effects of traditional drugs. 

Many patients report an increase in their joint fluidity, reduced inflammation, and smoother function and movement after CBD drug consumption.

Further clinical studies are still being done to understand its different strains, interactions, and safety profiles.

How to Make Use of it?

A few years ago, getting access to Vijaya was a big problem as it wasn’t legalised in most countries.

But today, many countries have legalised it due to an increase in awareness and studies. That has made its availability increase throughout the world. Countries like Australia, Greece, Canada, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, etc., are now open to the vast therapeutic possibilities of Vijaya treatment.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration has also approved Vijaya for treating pain and seizures. You need a written recommendation from a licensed doctor to use it.

In India, Trailokya Vijaya Vati is available through a vast doctor network of 43,000 doctors and 230 Ayurveda clinics that have collaborated with Hempstreet. We aim to bring to the masses an effective and responsible usage of Vijaya. To ensure that, the company is working with top scientists to conduct R&D around safe medication and leverage the tremendous potential of Vijaya. 

Word of Caution

  • Exercises, physiological and psychological support should accompany the medications.
  • You should always consult a doctor first.

It is a safe mode of medication, effective in improving symptoms, and worth your consideration.


Hempstreet is India's first and largest research to retail player in the medicinal cannabis space with a network of 60,000 ayurvedic practitioners across the country.

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