Menopause Affecting Your Libido? Rekindle with Manmath Ras

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International clinical studies have concluded that sexual function worsens as menopause advances. Close to 55% of menopausal women report low sexual desire. Physical aches, mental health changes, fatigue, and reduced energy all contribute to a lack of sexual interest among menopausal women. 

While navigating this phase of life can be challenging for women, Ayurveda offers a natural and holistic way to alleviate menopausal symptoms, realign the system, and help them “stir things up!”

Understanding Menopause

When women reach their 40s, their estrogen levels start declining. Estrogen is an essential hormone that plays an important role in cognitive, bone, cardiovascular, reproductive, and breast health, along with other critical bodily functions. Over the next 2-8 years, their periods become irregular before stopping completely, leading to perimenopause. Menopause is when they have had no menstruation for over 12 months.

Among its various symptoms, reduced sexual function is one of the most common consequences of menopause. More than a third of postmenopausal women and the ones in perimenopause report having sexual issues, ranging from lack of desire to difficulties in having an orgasm. 

How Does Menopause Affect Libido?

Menopause causes various physical, emotional, and hormonal changes in the female body, including: 

  • weight gain
  • sleep issues (insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea)
  • anxiety, stress, and depression
  • mood disorders or irritability
  • fatigue
  • hot flashes
  • night sweats
  • bladder control issues
  • thinning of hair

In addition, vaginal atrophy (thinning of the vaginal wall) and vaginal dryness are some of the most prominent menopausal symptoms. The vaginal and labial walls become less sensitive to sexual stimulation and produce lesser lubrication. They become densely concentrated with pain-perceiving nerves and nerves that cut off proper blood flow to the organs, causing uncomfortable or even painful sex. 

These factors affect physical and mental health and cause a significant decrease in libido, hamper sexual faction, and severely impact relationships, well-being, and overall quality of life.

Furthermore, with increasing age, women have an increased risk of developing chronic health conditions with added side effects of their treatments. This can not only cause physical pain and impair effective bodily function but also lower their self-image and make them feel undesirable.

Leveraging Manmath Ras for Boosting Libido Post Menopause

In the science of Ayurveda, Manmath Ras is one of the most potent concoctions for boosting sexual health and function. This herbal formulation is infused with bhanga (or medical cannabis seeds), which is one of the most effective Ayurvedic herbs.

  • In a 2022 Harvard study, it was found that over 80% of women used Bhanga to alleviate their menopausal symptoms. Among them, over 67% used it for sleep disturbances, while 46% reported improvements in mood issues and anxiety.
  • A recent study conducted in Chicago showed that Bhanga helped women manage mood and sleep disturbances during menopause and other symptoms, including low libido. Medical practitioners recommended this herb to their patients who did not want to take conventional treatments for menopause, such as hormonal therapies and traditional drugs. 
  • Another American study showed that a majority of women reported a significant increase in their sex drive, improvements in orgasm and sexual satisfaction, and a reduction in pain on consuming Bhanga.

Bhanga’s efficacy in these situations is due to the presence of the cannabinoid THC. During perimenopause, falling estrogen levels cause a drop in Anandamide or the bliss molecule. On consuming Bhanga, the THC in it mimics the behavior of Anandamide and allows the herb to regulate and improve the body’s mood, temperature, sleep, anxiety, and other vital processes.

Bhanga is also an effective vasodilator, i.e., it relaxes the blood vessels in the reproductive organs and encourages proper blood flow into the tissues. This can boost sexual sensations and the intensity of orgasms among menopausal women.

The cannabinoids CBD and THC in Bhanga have strong pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. They soothe inflammation, reduce spasticity, desensitize pain receptors, and prevent the nerves from causing muscle contractions, thus relaxing the pelvic muscles and preventing penetration-related pain.

The Efficacy of Other Ingredients

Besides the immensely potent medical cannabis seeds, Manmath Ras contains numerous other vital ingredients that not only help with menopause but also enhance sexual health and function. Some of them include:

  • Tamra Bhasam (Copper Ash): Tamra Bhasam helps with energy production and blood flow by building red blood cells, conducting nerve signals, boosting immunity, and maintaining collagen and elastin to strengthen bones and joints.
  • Lauha Bhasam (Iron Oxide): Lauha Bhasam supports blood health and flow, improves energy levels, and boosts overall strength in the system.
  • Jeera (Cumin): Jeera contains melatonin that helps improve sleep quality and patterns and is loaded with iron and magnesium that balance mental activity, reduce unwanted stress levels, and boost libido. 
  • Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus): Shatavari, often known as a women’s health tonic, is especially beneficial for alleviating menopausal complaints, including hot flashes, anxiety, vaginal discharge, and mood swings.
  • Jaiphal (Nutmeg): Jaiphal is an effective remedy for feminine health as it can regulate menopausal symptoms, including depression, anxiety, weight gain, mood swings, and fatigue, and reduce the hormonal imbalance in menopausal women. Being a natural aphrodisiac, it stimulates the central nervous system, warms the pubic region, causes arousal, and relaxes the muscles.

With several potent herbal ingredients, Manmath Ras offers a natural and comprehensive remedy for menopausal women to not only help them manage their menopausal symptoms but also enhance their sexual health and well-being. 

Contact Hempstreet to find out more about how menopausal women can leverage Manmath Ras to boost their libido and keep the spark alive in their relationships. 


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