Kameshwar Modaka: A Way Out From Your Sexual Dissatisfaction

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Abstract: Sexual Dissatisfaction is a growing condition that has become quite a normal complaint amongst all ages. The underlying causes can be our changing lifestyle, dietary habits, and increased stress. Sexual dissatisfaction is hard to generalize, but at times, it can lead to high anxiety levels, low self-esteem, feeling of worthlessness, and even worse… Depression.

The role of Cannabis a.k.a. Bhanga as an aphrodisiac is well known to all but Cannabis is also a mood elevator. So in cases of Sexually Dissatisfied Individuals Cannabis treats both body (sharira) and mind (mana).  Kameshwar Modaka is one such effective formulation with a principal ingredient – Cannabis. 

This is a case of a 46 yr old male with complaints of Sexual Dissatisfaction. He had multiple complaints regarding what ways he was unsatisfied with his sexual cycle. After a thorough history taking it was evident that the patient required treatment for both his physical and mental quibble.

Ayurveda Perspective 

SHUKRA KSHAYA is a condition where there is a qualitative and quantitative deterioration in the SHUKRA DHATU. 

The SHUKRA DHATU usually helps in maintaining a healthy sexual cycle, fertility, reproductive development, and most important of all “HARSHA” i.e. happiness.

In KSHAYA the body develops the exactly opposite complaints where there are complaints of sexual dissatisfaction, anxiety, and depression.


Sexual Dissatisfaction is now a most common issue that everyone neglects to discuss. But the effects of having physical intimacy without satisfaction can be deep emotional discontent.  Most people even today think that discussing sexual dissatisfaction is not casual or it is not a topic to be discussed at all. Most of them do not even seek any medical attention and simply take over-the-counter synthetic medicines and suffer without complaints.

 Case Report

Patient description

This is a case of a 46 yr old male, working in a corporate with various sexual complaints. He was overall dissatisfied; he would sometimes experience premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction or sometimes wouldn’t feel like having it at all and most of the time he was unable to satisfy his partner which was leading to a stressful married life. 

Case history

The patient was working from his hometown since the first lockdown took place. When he started to evaluate the quotient of happiness around him, it made him realize that the artificial aphrodisiacs have taken the real pleasure away from him.  

The self-medication of drugs as sildenafil citrate made him a patient of chronic headache and hot flushes. The side effects of the drugs could easily be evaluated when even Sildenafil citrate stopped working in the way he wanted, and he would find the desired results only with more increased dosages.

  1. Treatment plan/ Medicines to be used – Kameshwar Modaka

               After knowing the entire history, he was advised him some lifestyle modification, dietary regimen along with one sachet of ‘Kameshwar Modak’ every night. As desired, the results of medicated ‘Cannabis’ started to show its effect within the five days of its usage; the medicine did not give him any headache, hot flushes like the synthetic drug. He achieved his expected results to the desired length of time. It was a natural act for him without relying on some artificial drug and pace. The drug posed no adverse side effects to the patient. The use of ‘Kameshwar Modak’ brought a boost in the patient’s trust and faith in the treatment. 

Unlike random OTC drugs available in the market, ‘KameshwarModak’ is a prescriptive drug, and consumption is advised only under an Ayurveda physician’s supervision.

Expected outcome of the treatment plan

It was expected that gradually the patient could fight over his condition both physically and mentally. 

Actual outcome

The patient was satisfied with the new treatment and reported improvement in his symptoms on the very 5th day. He reported being even better than he ever was and joyful. In addition to all this, he also observed a significant decrease in stress and anxiety levels.


The treatment was planned to effectively treat the SHUKRA KSHAYA. Bhanga was the ideal drug of choice because of its SHUKRAVARDHAK and HARSHA NIRMITI and DHAIRYANIRMITI properties. 


This case study shows that Kameshwar Modaka has favorable results in the treatment of all kinds of Sexual Dissatisfaction.

Medical Cannabis is all set to put aside chocolate and oysters off the table for the most natural aphrodisiacs. From increasing libido to fighting anxiety due to sexual dissatisfaction – from fighting pain during sex to getting high energy levels during the act …  Cannabis is the only natural answer.

Case study by: Dr. Bhupesh Vashisht

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