Top 5 cannabis strains for pain relief

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Painkillers, till today, have not been certified as a sustainable solution as most of the painkillers are opioids. Opioids, although are efficient in relieving pain, have been associated with several side-effects. Controversies have always circled around pain relief medications, primarily due to their composition. However, in the recent days, research studies and surveys have accorded that the cannabinoids in cannabis have properties that are capable of alleviating pain. Medical cannabis is thus coming up and gaining place as an alternative treatment for chronic pain. Different clinical trials conducted by UCSF, Harvard Medical School and McGill University Health Centre have observed and suggested that medical cannabis has been effective in mitigating the intensity of pain caused. However, the progress in these trials and studies have been held back due to matters concerning Cannabis legalisation.

Survey in US, conducted in the year 2016, has released statistics which state that approximately 11.6 million people have desecrated opioid prescriptions every year to serve their addiction. Meanwhile, Centres for Disease Control, have reported a three times rise in the total number of deaths caused by opioid overdose and addiction. This has made it easier for the process of cannabis legalisation to overcome the hurdles. Slowly, the states are approving the use of medical cannabis as an alternative pharmaceutical option for pain relief. This article elucidates the best Cannabis Strains for treatment of pain.

Entourage effect

Potency of CBD in cannabis in treating chronic pain is high due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. However, studies advocate that, when it comes to cannabis, all compounds present in cannabis are equally important and complement each other, enhancing the efficacy. This has been termed as the ‘entourage effect.’ While CBD and CBD oil, being non-psychotropic, is more often than not hailed as a good medication, it is important that the properties of THC and all other additional compounds present in cannabis, are not neglected. Hence, following are the top 5 cannabis strains that have been recommended by doctors, keeping in mind the appropriate and required ratio of THC, CBD as well as other compunds, for pain ranging from mild to chronic, including arthritis pain, neuropathic pain.

Cannabis Strains for pain relief

  1. ACDC: Hybrid strain with very high content of CBD and low content of THC. Hence, it dampens the pain without any kind of intoxicating effect. Extracted from Cannatonic cannabis strain and proven medication for anxiety and depression as well, ACDC is regarded as one of the most powerful strains for pain relief.  
  2. Harlequin: With balanced THC and CBD content, a Sativa strain, Harlequin is preferred by users who look to avoid high THC content. With antioxidant and neuroprotective properties, this cannabis strain is mostly used by arthritis patients for pain relief, as well as for neurogenerative diseases and brain injuries.
  3. Purple Haze: Indica dominant strain, with high content of THC, extends an euphoric feeling to patients, which helps in shifting the mindset of patients suffering from chronic pain and allows them to relax, by debasing the pain. Mostly used by patients suffering from spinal injury.
  4. Blue Widow: Crossbreed between sativa Haze and indica Blueberry, Blue Widow is THC dominant. It is very effective against headaches and migraines, and brings instant relief.
  5. Canna Tsu: Higher CBD content cannabis strain, is a combination of two CBD rich genetics: Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. A sativa dominant hybrid strain, it is used as medication for joint pain and inflammation. Reviews reveal that it has acted an an excellent healer for seizure pain.

Word From HempStreet

As anecdotal evidence and research studies suggest, cannabis is good for pain. However, it’s important that it’s dosage is regulated and it is always purchased from a certified cannabis dispensary. While cannabis buds can be smoked or vaporised to avail their desired effect, other available cannabis forms such as cannabis tinctures, cannabis oil as well as cannabis edibles are equally efficient and thus, should be considered for consumption as medication. Before buying, ensure that the chosen option is a full plant extract.

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