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Depression, a mental health issue that has grappled millions across the world, requires long-term treatment. Amongst all chaos in this fast paced century, depression is a long battle. While there is no single cure for this, there have been various tested methods and medications. Use of medicinal cannabis has come up as one of the effective methods in the recent times, with medical use of cannabis slowly being legalised across several jurisdictions. With cannabis legalisation establishing roots across places, there have been positive affirmations from patients who have used these cannabis strains for depression.

Terpenes, THC and CBD for depression

With depression ranging from multi-dimensional causes and cannabis, being a complex plant, research into identifying the effect-cause relationship has established important results. Endocannabinoids, naturally produced in the body to maintain a balance, fall deficient when a person is suffering from depression. Cannabis, containing cannabinoids, when consumed, make up for the deficiency. With a lot more scope yet to be discovered regarding the same, it has been firmly established that cannabinoids terpenes, THC and CBD, significantly contribute in producing serotonin, which makes the patients feel less depressed right away.

Recommended strains for depression

However, it is very important to choose cannabis strains with the right proportion of cannabinoids, depending on the degree of mental health condition as well as the associated symptoms. This article will discuss the recommendations for best strains of cannabis that will help in dealing with depression.  


With a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, this cannabis strain also contains terpenes such as myrcene and caryophellene. Not inducing the excessive high upon its intake, Cannatonic, a hybrid of Indica and Sativa,uplifts mood and also useful in dealing with chronic pain.

Jack Herrer

A THC dominant, Sativa strain, also known as the powerhouse, as it provides energy as well as activates the mind. Containing terpenes such as pinene, this strain smells like sharp pine, which has a relaxing effect on a stressed mind. Being THC dominant, it also produces a feeling of euphoria. Due to its motivating and energizing effect, it is also known to enhance creativity and focus.

Sour OG

Easily found in cannabis dispensaries, sour OG is known for containing stimulating terpenes, inlcuding beta – caryophellene, which is found to have anti-depressant properties. A hybrid of Sour Diesel and OG Kush, this strain containing both THC and CBD, is an efficient medication for people suffereing from both axiety and depression.


A sativa dominant strain contains very high level of THC than CBD. Containing terpenes like limonene, which generates a pleasant citrusy aroma, it provides an invigorating effect and helps in clearing the head, busting stress.

Easy to find, this strain is highly desirable by patients suffering from depression.

Granddaddy Purple

A THC dominant strain, containing primary terpenes such as myrcene and pinene, works wonders in calming the body. An Indica strain, its famous for stimulating appetite and combating insomnia. One of the most popular Indica strains, Granddaddy Purple is perfect for consumption at night, and hits both the mind and the body, delivering both relaxation and euphoria.

Blue Dream

A sativa-dominant hybrid strain having more concentration of CBD than THC, also contains terpenes linalool and limonene, which are known to assuage anxiety and tension and creating a positive mood. One of the go-to strains, when consumed it also acts as a cure for muscle spasms and migraines.

Word from Hempstreet

Depression, being a serious and complex mental condition, it is crucial that before consuming any medication for the same, one should seek professional medical advice. Dosage of medication and picking the appropriate strain of cannabis as a form of medication, are two other important factors that contribute to how an individual reacts to the treatment.

Since not every person can comply to each kind of strain, consulting the physician in the cannabis dispensary and discussing symptoms before purchasing the medication, would be a wise decision. As cannabis oil is the most common form of cannabis medication, it is suggested to check its ingredients(written on the sticker) before making any purchase.   

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