Cannabis for Cancer Treatment: What You Need to Know!

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Cannabis! What it is? Why it is connected with health? How to use cannabis for cancer treatment and skin issues? Many more questions like these are knocking in the heads of the people these days. It has become a trending topic everywhere since some states in the USA have legalized its use! But did you know that the root of cannabis history starts in India? Yes, cannabis or marijuana is one of the 5 sacred plants in Vedas. This plant has medicinal properties and consuming it in the right amount can treat many health ailments. 

Well, the very first thing is to know what cannabis is. It is a herbal plant that produces a resin, which further contains chemical compounds. Those two main compounds are – cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC). Both of them are the cannabinoids that have different properties. CBD is useful and does not cause a high but THC in marijuana plant makes people euphoric. It is not surprising to know that people have been using it to treat health issues from thousands of years. Now, let us explore what actually cannabis can do to our health. 

What are the benefits of medical cannabis?

Scientists have been researching, and the National Institutes of Health is leaving no stone unturned in exploring the uses of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC. People are using cannabis for medical use and why not to use it when it offers benefits that are discussed here!

It could help in reducing pain as well as inflammation. You might be astonished to know but many physicians do recommend cannabis for treating chronic pain. So, CBD could offer relief from different types of pain such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraine, dystonia, and osteoarthritis.

According to a review published in Clinical Psychology Today, cannabis could relieve depression, PTSD and anxiety. Since mental health issues are unique, thus, it can either alleviate or aggravate the symptom. So it works differently for individuals. 

Can cannabis treat cancer?

This is one of the most interesting questions these days! There are studies, which state that it could slow down the growth of a few cancer cells. Moreover, it may help in relieving vomiting as well as nausea that are the outcomes of chemotherapy. That said, it soothes the symptoms like nerve pain, appetite, and weight loss. This is the reason why people are embracing cannabis treatment for cancer

There are a hundred scientific studies, which prove that cannabis helps in treating different types of cancer such as skin, brain, colon, etc. Isn’t it surprising? Let us narrate a short real-life story to you, which will blow your mind! A few years back, a post was published on a UK site ‘Daily Mirror’ where one cancer survivor tells her incredible story. She was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor and doctors told her that she would only live up to 18 months. She went through multiple chemotherapies as well as radiotherapy and lastly, she counted on cannabis oil, which saved her life. So, it worked miraculously for her! Well, it is worth mentioning that marijuana is an add-on and not a cure. You have to seek advice from your doctor and follow his instructions. 

Short-term effects of cannabis

Now you know well that cannabis for cancer treatment works better and fights with symptoms. However, there can be a lower risk of side effects, which are associated with marijuana itself. So, patients may experience fainting, diarrhea, low blood pressure, dizziness, and fast heart rate.

You might be wondering which cannabis oil is best for cancer. The vital thing is, you must consult a certified doctor who can guide you and set the right dose accordingly. Also, make sure you never try to consume it without the prescription of the doctor. 

From where can I get cannabis?

As of now, cannabis is not legal in India! However, vijaya ayurvedic medicine can be taken if an authorized doctor prescribes it. You can approach the controller of drugs and narcotics department of your state to get up-to-date information. There is no doubt that weed is available in the form of bhang in the country. When it comes to buying cannabis for cancer treatment, you need to reach out to organizations like AYUSH and also to those who have US-FDA and GMP certification.

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