Cannabis in Ayurveda and Its Holy Connection

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There is no doubt that cannabis or marijuana has a long history of use in India. Though it has medicinal properties still, it is considered as an illegal substance. Some use it to treat their health ailments whereas many consume it for recreational purposes. Yes, cannabis has mind-altering outcomes due to which it has a stigma. But, you can’t run away from the fact that it does have several positive effects. And, that is why cannabis in ayurveda has a very special role.

In today’s time, marijuana has become a trending topic and people are trying to explore it from its root. Let us clear your basics first! Cannabis, marijuana, weed, vijaya, ganja, bhang – all are same or we can say that these are the different forms of the same plant. Well, the best part is that this beautiful herb is one of the 5 sacred plants in Vedas. Now, you might be thinking if cannabis is a holy plant then why it has a bad rap! Actually, it has two main compounds – CBD and THC, and both of these have different effects on our body. CBD is used to treat health issues, whereas THC is the one that makes you high. Marijuana contains 10 percent of CBD and more than 20 percent of THC. Thus, it takes you on the journey of euphoria. So, now you know who the culprit is! By the way, there are cannabis-related products such as ayurvedic cbd oil that might treat health problems because of its therapeutic properties. Let’s explore what cannabis can do to our health.

Ayurvedic Qualities of Cannabis

There’s no denial in the fact that cannabis in ayurveda has been considered as a medicinal herb. This plant has a great impact on our body with its different qualities. The first one is- ‘heat’, this helps in relieving pain and anxiety. Another is- ‘astringent’, which is known to benefit in swelling, and can even treat diabetes and glaucoma. Next are- ‘penetrating and hot qualities’ that could influence reproductive tissue in a negative way. The fourth one is- ‘holding’, it aids the body to get a hold on the nourishment cycle. Apart from these, intoxication is widely famous quality of marijuana. But as described above, if it is taken in the right dose, it won’t give you a psychotropic effect (will not make you feel high).

Nowadays, people are looking for the best cannabis oil and vijaya ayurvedic medicines because of its medicinal properties. It is vital to note that you don’t consume marijuana for recreational purposes so that you can keep yourself safe from any kind of hazards.

Yoga and Cannabis History in India

In ancient times, mystic Indian yogis have used cannabis as a catalyst to reach the state of liberation or nirvana. Still, there are yogis living and meditating in caves and using marijuana in different forms. When it comes to Yoga Sutra 4.1, it states that –

 “The subtler attainments come with birth or are attained through herbs, mantra, austerities or concentration.”

This verse contains the word herb, and cannabis is one of the herbal plants that you already know by now! So, sadhus incorporated marijuana in their practice of yoga. You can see how cannabis history in Indiapaired up with yoga, which is still being followed.

Lord Shiva & Marijuana – What’s the Connection?

You are aware of the fact that cannabis history has its roots in India. People, especially the followers of Lord Shiva consume bhang and fritters made from marijuana. There are stories connected to Lord Shiva consuming cannabis. One of them is related to the Samudra Manthan, where Gods and demons wanted to drink the nectar of immortality. So, both of these parties churned the ocean. From there different byproducts came out, one of them was the poison. The smoke of this poison was too strong to kill both – Gods as well as demons. According to the story, Lord Shiva drank this lethal poison and later bhang (marijuana) was offered to him in order to make him feel rejuvenate. This tale could also be one of the reasons why cannabis in ayurveda world has made a significant place.

Cannabis as Medicine: What You need to Know!

It is clear that cannabis in ayurveda has much importance! And that is why people have been using it since long era. Well, it’s not yet legal but supporters are advocating for cannabis act legalisation in India. It is crucial to know that you can only consume cannabis based medicine if your doctor prescribes it. Never try to use it on your own! So, always consult a registered doctor to stay safe.

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