When to Consult a Doctor for your Period Cramps?

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Some women suffer from intense pain every month but choose not to consult their gynaecologists. If you are incapacitated every month because of period cramps and haven’t talked to a doctor yet, speaking to one can help you deal with the pain more effectively.

While dealing with periods every month is something that most women become used to over time, the accompanying pain and discomfort are not pleasant feelings. Dysmenorrhea affects many women and can begin a couple of days before your actual flow. Even though these cramps are natural, and are caused by strong uterine contractions during periods, they can be very painful and sometimes even lead to severe discomfort.

Why do women avoid talking about the severity of their cramps?

It is important for women to understand that while cramps are part of a menstrual cycle, it does not mean you cannot be treated for it. Most women prefer to avoid talking about painful menstrual cramps with their doctor, while others downplay the gravity of their pain. Societal stigma is often behind why most women do not speak up about the severity of their pain.

Furthermore, it is easy to feel embarrassed about how unproductive your periods make you, especially if you have seen other women in your life work through the pain. However, every woman’s periods are different; yours may be more painful and could last longer.

So, when should you consult a doctor about your cramps?

Some women deal with mild pain during their periods, but some have unbearable cramps that disrupt their day-to-day life. This pain not only affects them physically but can often have quite an impact on their mental health as well. However, your pain does not have to be severe for you to talk to a doctor. In fact, if your immediate response to painful period cramps is over-the-counter allopathic medicine, you should reconsider this. It is better to consult a gynaecologist instead of trying to deal with the problem yourself.

If your pain is regularly acute and forces you to take a day off from your routine, it could be something more serious than just your regular periods. Severe period cramps can be caused by issues in your reproductive system and should be diagnosed and treated at the earliest. For instance:

  • Endometriosis, a condition where the uterus lining tissue grows outside the uterus is one such condition. 
  • Polyps or fibroids are non-cancerous growths that could also cause intense cramps. 
  • Adenomyosis and infection are other such issues that could potentially make your period cramps worse.​​
  • Irregular periods, heavy bleeding, nausea, and severe headaches are other signs that you should keep an eye out for and get treated if they get out of hand. 

All of these conditions can become rather serious in the long run if left unattended and can impact your overall health. But you need not wait for something serious to come up. You can consult a medical expert to treat period cramps and pain, whether mild or severe. can put you in touch with a consultant who can provide an accurate diagnosis and offer a more natural route through ayurvedic options. So make an appointment today and prevent period pain from getting in your way!



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