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Trilokya Vijaya Vati: For managing chronic pain in osteoarthritis

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Abstract: Osteoarthritis is a common joint disorder having the symptoms of pain along with stiffness. It is a degenerative disorder in which degeneration of bone cartilage occurs with age. The symptoms include pain, swelling, stiffness, and difficulty in doing the daily routine work. The most common site of osteoarthritis is the knee joint “the weight-bearing joint”. Obesity exerts extra stress on the joint and progress of the disease.

The use of many anti-inflammatory drugs nowadays to cope with pain result in many adverse effects. So, Use of the herbal anti-inflammatory formulation is the need of today. In this case study, a female patient of age 56 years with pain in knee and ankle joints along with stiffness was selected. The patient was managed with ayurvedic shaman treatment having multiple herbomineral formulations and herbal anti-inflammatory formulation called Trilokya vijya vati.

The Results are assessed by patient perspective and improvement in pain and stiffness. Trilokya vijya vati gave a marked improvement in chronic pain in this case.


Pain is an unpleasant sensation to the human body. It is a common symptom of many physical and mental diseases. In the case of osteoarthritis, pain is the primary symptom that occurred due to the degeneration of bone cartilage. The bony cartilage gradually degenerates due to wear and tear. Ayurveda described the term sandhi gata vata which is the common Joint disorder. Sandhisotha(swelling) along with Vata purna druti sparsha (tenderness)is the symptom of sandhigata vata. The treatment of sandhigata vata is vata shamana.

Case Report

Patient description

Presenting Concern:

A 56-year female presented in O.P.D. of my clinic with a complaint of knee joint pain, ankle joint pain along with swelling and stiffness for 2 years. Associated Complaints of general weakness and difficulty in doing daily routine were also present. She had no history of diabetes/bronchial asthma/T.B/ Hypothyroidism and hypertension. Difficulty in walking upstairs was also present.

Clinical Finding

General Examination and Personal history: No deviation in vital signs. she was a Hindu of Indian ethnicity. she had a poor appetite, Normal bladder, bowel habit, and regular sleep pattern. she had a sedentary lifestyle and overweight. she had a BMI of 29 . she had avara satva. Menopause occurred 10 years back.

Treatment plan: Medicine to be used: started with dashmool kwath, parijat kwath, sarvkalp kwath all mix and taken in 20 ml quality before food. Tryodashang guggulu, Chandra prabha vati, purnana mandoor was given one tab thrice daily after food. Ashwagandharihsta was given 20 ml twice daily after food. After 10 days, trilokya vijaya vati was added one tab at night for pain relief and good sleep. The patient has advised dietary and lifestyle modification especially vata shamak ahara vihara. Some exercise was also prescribed for a better outcome.


During the first 10 days of treatment, the pain was mildly reduced but still patient not felt better, and swelling persist. After the addition of Trilokya vijya vati, the pain was reduced, the swelling subsided and now the patient able to do walking upstairs without any support.


The treatment of sandhi gatavata include the vata shamaka chikitsa. Kwath formulation containing dashmool, parijata was helpful in vatika shula and shotha(pain and swellling). Tryodashang guggulu is an herbomineral formulation with an anti-inflammatory effect.

Chandraprabha vati is the rasayana and having a rejuvenator effect in bone cartilage. Purnana mandoor containing the purnanava and mandoor helps on reduce the swelling and act as a liver stimulant and reduced weakness occurred due to the post-menopausal effect.

Trilokya vijaya vati, the herbal formulation containing the Vijya and Vanshlochana. Vijya(Cannabis sativus) is primarily vata shamaka, and vyavayi. Vijaya containing alkaloid cannabinoids that have anti-inflammatory properties. For many centuries, vijaya was used as a medicinal plant for the treatment of many illnesses.

Cytokines are the molecules that are released during the activation of the immune response, act as a factor for inflammation resolution. Many studies showed the effect of alkaloids of medicinal hemp in the treatment of chronic joint disorder included osteoarthritis.

The other ingredient of vati is vanshlochana which is having anti-inflammatory effects useful in sore throat, joint pain, indigestion, poor appetite, and respiratory illness. So Trailokya vijya vati have Vata shamaka properties that help in reducing the pain, swelling, and stiffness.


This case study suggests that chronic pain can be managed successfully with trailokya vijaya vati . Trilokya vijaya vati may act as supportive management of chronic pain along with other herbal formulations for the successful treatment of chronic pain.

Case study shared by Dr. Pushpa, Ayurveda Consultant

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