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Trailokya Vijaya Vati: Aiding in the Treatment of IBS

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Abstract: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a vague term for a variety of diseases causing discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract and causing great morbidity in the population. It is a bowel disorder characterized by pain in the abdomen, bloating, mucous stool, and disturb bowel habits without any organic cause. The exact cause of this disease was still unknown but  Stress is one of the leading factors behind the illness.

The previous study revealed that the prevalence of IBS among Indians was approx.15% which showed the seriousness of this issue and the need for the most suitable therapeutic approach for the same. Ayurveda described this disease under the term “grahni” and provided many herbo mineral formulations for the treatment aspect of the disease. Ayurveda also treats all diseases as psycho-somatic that is why the approach of Ayurveda towards the treatment of IBS shows magnificent results.

In this case study, a Male patient of age 56 years with complaints of frequent defecation of loose stool,  pain in the abdomen with insomnia was selected. Ayurvedic herbs-mineral formulation (Included Trilokya Vijya Vati, Different bhasma and vati, etc.) were prescribed to the patients for 2 months. The improvement was assessed with the reduction in signs and symptoms of the disease.


IBS according to Ayurveda can be considered as a disorder where there is a derangement of Vata in Pakvashaya especially of Apana Vayu leading to Symptoms of pain in the abdomen & altered bowel habits. The main cause behind the disorder as per Ayurveda is mandagni or low digestive power. Various aaharaj, viharaja as well as mansika nidan are the causative factor behind the disease. Studies also revealed that disturbance in the mental health of the individual leads to disturbed agni. Hence ideal therapeutic relief is achieved by a combination of formulation, which acts as Grahi, deepana, Pachana and Brimhana, Vatanulomana along with action on mana or mind.

Case Report

Patient description:

A 56-year male presented in O.P.D. of my clinic with a complaint of frequent defecation of loose stool, pain in the abdomen along with insomnia. Associated Complaints of mucous discharge with the stool were also present. He had no history of diabetes/bronchial asthma/T.B/ Hypothyroidism and hypertension. 

Clinical Finding

General Examination and Personal history: He had a poor appetite, difficulty in digestion of food, heaviness during defection, and having irregular bowel habits. The sleep of the patients is disturbed and sometimes due to disease or stress, the patient is unable to sleep. Nadi of the patient revealed Vata- Pitta type. Slight tenderness was also found during the per abdomen examination through palpitation. Sounds of bowel gases were also found through the stethoscope.

Treatment plan:  Treatment started with Trailokya Vijaya Vati 2 tabs at night after food along with chitrakadi and kutaja ghan vati 2-2 tab each twice daily after food. The combination of herbal formulations like bilwadi churna, panchamrit parpati, giloy churna, shankh bhasam, ram ban rasa, and kutkutand twak bhasma all mix and given in the dose of 2-3 gm twice daily with lukewarm water.  After 30 days, chitrakadi vati is replaced with mana sankh vati and panchamrit parpati with shatpushpadi churna, giloy churna with hirsadi yog and kutkutand twak bhasma with kapardak bhasma. The patient was instructed not to take milk or milk products, avoid fast and spicy food articles for proper relief.

Observation: During the first month of treatment, the pain was mildly reduced and the patient reported improvement in sleep as well as in mucous discharge but still the patient did not feel better. After the completion of one month of medication, in the second visit, some medicines were replaced for better relief and improvement in the symptomatology of the disease. After 2 months, the patient showed improvement in sleep quality, reduction in mucous discharge, the pain completely subsided and the frequency of defecation also reduced to normal.  


Hence ideal samprapti vighatana of the IBS  is achieved by a combination of herbs-mineral formulation, which acts as Grahi, Deepana, Pachana and Brimhana, Vatanulomana.

It also acts on the mana or mind. Mandagni is the chief cause behind the disease which is corrected with the help of chitrakadi vati. Kutja ghan vati acts as grahi and contains the kutaja twaka . It is atisara nashaka that helps in reducing the frequency of defection as well as helps in improving the stool constituency from loose to solid or semisolid. Bilvadi churna has properties like:, Amanashaka, Grahi, and Vatanulomana which check the Samprapti and pacify the symptoms of IBS. 

Pancharita Parapti; having the properties of Dipana , Pacana , Grahi helpful in decreasing the frequency, improving of agni or digestive power which plays a significant role in the management of Grahani Roga(IBS).Kutkutanda twaka bhasma is the best source of calcium helpful in generalized weakness and fulfilled the calcium demand of the body which was not achieved due to avoidance of milk and milk products.

Shankh Vati having the properties of dipaka, pachana, vatanulomana helps to reduce abdominal pain and helps in improving the agni or digestive power. Giloy churna having the tikta rasa produced a calming effect on the stomach and reduced the pain.

In addition to all these, Trailokya Vijya Vati, the herbal formulation, has been added in the prescription since the beginning of treatment for reducing the effect of a mental factor of the disease. The formulation containing the Vijya is called cannabis which contains the alkaloid Cannabidiol which is present naturally in the plant and helpful in the management of symptoms of IBS. 

As per the classics, Vijaya has the properties of vatashamaka, dipana and pachana which are helpful in the correction of Agni and reduction of pain due to abdominal cramps. Vanshlochana the other ingredient of the formulation having a calming effect on the mind which is helpful in the reduction of mental factors which is the chief cause behind the IBS. Vanshlochna also helps in the rejuvenation of the liver which helps in the maintenance of digestive power. 


So Trailokya Vijaya Vati is a powerful herbal formation for the treatment of IBS. It acts as a double-edged sword both on the body and mind. On the body through correction of Agni and on the mind through eliminating the mental factor or stress to a significantly lower level, Trailokya Vijya Vati is the formulation of choice for IBS.

Case Study by: Dr. Raghav Sharma, Niramaya clinic, Moradabad, U.P.

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