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Trailokya Vijaya Vati: A solution for multiple ailments

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Abstract: This review summarizes the evidence for the use of Trailokya Vijaya Vati in the Pain encountered in Ureteric Calculi with Hydronephrosis and indigestion.

Stones can cause splitting pain in our bodies. A lot of people suffer from stones and the condition affects a number of people every year due to our unhealthy and improper diet. Research says that 1 out of 10 Indians will experience having a Stone in their lifetime. As far as the stone is in the kidney there are certain complaints, but definitely not alarming.

The real set of complaints arise when the stone starts to pass from the kidney downwards out of the urinary tract. Passing a stone can be very very painful. Small stones may form and pass on their own without causing any symptoms. However, most medium and large stones are extremely painful to pass and require medical attention, especially for pain management.

Indigestion occurs when stomach acid comes in contact with the sensitive and protective lining of the digestive system. The stomach acid breaks down the lining leading to irritation and inflammation which can be very painful.

Patient Details

Patient 1 – This is a case of a 35 yr old male with complaints of ‘jumping pain’ in his lower abdomen radiating towards the groin. He was apparently alright till morning and started experiencing this pain after traveling (for about 50 km). USG suggested that it was ureteric Calculi about 8.4 mm in left ureter.

Patient 2 – A 26 yr old female with the complaint was brought by her husband who complained of indigestion and burning pain in her chest, pain in the back and abdomen. She was vomiting food and water when ingested. She required immediate pain relief.


Pain is the alarm of the underlying diseases. A symptom that announces that something is wrong with our body. Today, pain management in various conditions or diseases is a newer concept with an approach to managing only and only pain in the list of complaints to give a feeling of ‘being alright’ to the patient and gradually treat the condition without disturbing his/her routine.

Medical Cannabis is an increasingly popular alternative against opioids, other traditional drugs, or even against modern medicine.

How does Cannabis work in Pain Management?

The Cannabidiol (a component of Cannabis) stimulates the brain’s cannabinoid receptors and reduces inflammation and pain levels.

Side effects of Medical Marijuana use are minimal especially as compared to opioids or modern medicines and they as not as addictive as opioids as well. Over years, Cannabis has shown significant promising results in pain management.

Case Report (Patient 1)

Patient description

This is a case of a 35 yr old male with complaints of ‘jumping pain’ in his lower abdomen radiating towards the groin. He seemed to be apparently alright till morning and started experiencing this pain after traveling (for about 50 km).

Case history

USG was done immediately which showed Left Ureteric Stone 8.4 mm with Hydronephrosis. The patient was a healthy individual with no co-morbidities.

Physical examination results

The gait of the patient was antalgic and he was restless. He represented typical loin to groin pain.

Treatment plan

Medicines used – Trailokya Vijaya Vati. He was prescribed Trailokya Vijaya Vati SOS after the onset of pain, as he insisted on pain relief as a primary expectation. He has also prescribed medicines for the management of Ureteric Calculi.

Expected outcome of the treatment plan

Immediate pain management.

Actual outcome

The patient rested in the clinic until she was free from pain. She was advised to rest and opt for LAGHU AAHAR. After about 30 mins of ingestion, the patient felt relief from pain.


Pain management was the only target outcome of the treatment. But in the case of indigestion, Trailokya Vijaya Vati served both the purposes

  • Pain management
  • Disease management due to its VATAGHNA, DEEPANA, PACHANA, and AGNI VARDHANA properties


As evident from the above case, nature is the best combinatorial chemist and has possible answers to all diseases for mankind. Medicinal plants and their formulations especially Cannabis formulations play a vital role in pain management with minimal, easily manageable, and reversible side effects. Modern medicines give results but come with undesirable side effects that may sometimes cause permanent damage to an organ or a system. To increase the acceptability and awareness amongst the people regarding herbal formulations there is a need for plenteous research.

Case study shared by Dr. Neeraj Kamathe, Consultant Ayuvedacharya

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