National Epilepsy Day: Can Vijaya Help Calm Seizures?

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Epilepsy is a chronic and non-communicable neurological disorder that affects the brain. It is one of the most common neurological health conditions, affecting over 50 million people of all ages worldwide. 

In Epilepsy, the central nervous system (CNS) becomes imbalanced, causing the brain to behave abnormally. It affects the processes regulated by the brain and leads to symptoms like

  • Unprovoked seizures (unusual behavior)
  • Changes in sensations (hearing, vision, and taste)
  • Uncontrollable jerking movement (twitching) in the arms and legs
  • Temporary confusion
  • Loss of consciousness/awareness
  • Staring blankly for a few seconds
  • Stiff muscles
  • Mood issues
  • Cognitive problems

Due to these symptoms, people with epilepsy tend to have more physical problems (bruising and fractures from injuries due to seizures) and psychological conditions (fear, anxiety, and depression). This leads to epilepsy patients being at three times higher risk of premature deaths than the general population. 


Epilepsy is non-contagious, and its causes are unknown in over half the cases. Some possible causative factors include

  • Head trauma (due to traumatic injury/accident)
  • Genetic conditions and syndromes
  • A stroke that hinders the amount of oxygen reaching the brain
  • Infections (meningitis, HIV, encephalitis, neurocysticercosis, parasitic infections, etc.)
  • Brain abnormalities (tumors, malformations, etc.)
  • Developmental disorders (like autism)
  • Prenatal or perinatal injuries (oxygen deficiencies, poor nutrition, infection in the mother, trauma during birth)

Studies Showing Vijaya’s Efficacy in Managing Epilepsy

2021 study conducted in the UK showed that consuming Vijaya helped reduce seizure frequency by over 86% among children suffering from unmanageable epilepsies. The herb proved to be an effective and well-tolerated medication for them with no adverse effects. In addition to that, the hemp plant helped the patients reduce the consumption of conventional prescription anti-epileptic drugs from over seven to one!

Another UK study shows that CBD in the hemp plant significantly decreases the incidence of seizures and mortality among epileptic patients and acts as a safer and more effective novel antiepileptic medicine than traditional drugs. 

In a clinical trial, over 50% of epileptic patients became seizure-free after consuming Vijaya. Moreover, the treatment did not exhibit any side effects on their health.

clinical review conducted in Brazil reaffirms the anticonvulsant properties of CBD and acknowledges the herb’s efficacy in reducing epileptic seizures.

Researchers from the University of Sydney found that the hemp plant contains important anti-seizure compounds that can be incredibly beneficial for alleviating epilepsy, especially among children.

How Does Vijaya Approach Epilepsy?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates various crucial physiological and psychological functions in the body. It does so through numerous cannabinoid receptors spread throughout the different organ systems and bodily pathways. Study shows that this system also plays a key role in regulating the body’s epileptic activity. 

When the patients consume cannabis-based medicines, the chemical compounds in Vijaya (cannabinoids) bind to the ECS’s receptors and other signaling systems in the CNS (the brain and the spinal cord). This way, the herb blocks the transmission of signals in the body. It further slows the sending of messages to the brain, reduces inflammation, and changes the brain’s calcium levels to affect the signaling between its cells.

By attaching to the cannabinoid receptors, cannabis-based medicines activate the ECS. Consequently, its endocannabinoids, which are also synthesized mostly in the body’s CNS, decrease the production and release of excitatory nerve messengers (neurotransmitters). This prevents the body from going into seizures. 

Inflammation, Epilepsy, and Vijaya

Medical evidence show that inflammation plays a key role in the development of epilepsy. The causative trauma and infections among epileptic patients can lead to the production of inflammatory cells (chemokines and cytokines) in the system. They originate from the blood circulating cells and move up to the brain. 

One of the prominent reasons behind the effectiveness of cannabis-based medicines in alleviating epilepsy is Vijaya’s potential to ease inflammation. A vast majority of the ECS’s cannabinoid receptors are present in the body’s immune system. They regulate various immune responses and functions, including inflammatory actions.

Vijaya’s naturally-occurring chemical compounds bind to these receptors and activate the neurotransmitters responsible for regulating inflammation. It further causes cell death (apoptosis) in inflammatory immune cells like macrophages and T-lymphocytes and slows down the protein signaling in cytokines. 

As a result, the inflammatory responses in and around the immune cells are slowed down, leading to a significant decrease in inflammation and, consequently, epilepsy symptoms. Vijaya’s incredible safety profile has led to medical professionals increasingly opting for it over traditional prescription drugs like NSAIDs, steroids, opioids, etc.

One can use effective Ayurvedic medicines like the Trailokya Vijaya Vati to fully benefit from this valuable herb. This classic formulation allows patients suffering from epilepsy to easily leverage Vijaya’s therapeutic properties to find relief from the condition and its symptoms. 

It has a direct and quick action on the body, making it incredibly beneficial for managing various physiological and psychological health conditions. Trailokya Vijaya Vati also contains Vansh Lochan, another revered herb in Ayurvedic science. It is known for its neuroprotective and antioxidant properties that help protect the nerve cells in the CNS from damage and help enhance their function.

Since the concoction is composed of herbal ingredients, it is safe to consume and does not show any adverse side effects. Reach out to Hempstreet to discover more about Vijaya’s impact on the body’s CNS and its natural and safe approach to providing relief from epilepsy.


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