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How To Treat Inflammatory Joint Disorders In India

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This is a clinical case study that signifies the use of Trailokya Vijaya Vati in relieving pain in inflammatory joint disorder. Pain is always due to Vata Dosha and Vata aggravates in old age or due to injury of joint.  But the patient is only 28 years old and he was suffering from pain in the lower back radiating towards the lower limbs also pain in the hip joint, shoulder joint associated with muscle stiffness in the thigh and swelling especially in knee joints.

He was treated with Ayurvedic medicines and the Trailokya Vijaya Vati patient expressed positive results to the treatment.  He was suffered for 2.5 years and going through all the Diagnostic tests that were normal and the anti-nuclear test was slightly raised but now the test is negative.


 Many people suffer from pain especially the lower back but the reason is age, trauma (abhighat),  vata prakopak ahara,  unbalanced movement but in this case, there is no above history. The raised antinuclear test shows an autoimmune condition and the patient didn’t respond to any medicinal treatment. But Ayurveda has a multidimensional approach and also gives faster pain relief and faster movement.

 Case report

 Patient description 

 This is a case of a 28 years old male patient with a history of pain in Both shoulder joints, both hip joints, lower back radiating towards the lower limb, right knee and stiffness in calf muscles and swelling in the right knee joint. He cannot sit too long for a study, he does not get a sound sleep due to pain and stiffness. He avoided travelling also.

He has been experiencing pain for the last 2.5 years. He had visited 2-3 allopathic practitioners( Ortho specialists).  They prescribed him painkiller and liniment for local application which was effective for a certain duration, but after that pain becomes worse.

After some weeks, he underwent through X-ray, MRI and some pathological tests. When he realized that due to his autoimmune condition, all allopathic practitioners prescribed him immunosuppressant therapy and some pain killers or some anti-inflammatory drugs that’s why he decided to take Ayurvedic treatment.

 Treatment plan and medicine

After clinical examination, he has prescribed Maha Yograj Guggul, one tablet before a meal. Saptavinshati guggulu 2 tablets BD. Trailokya Vijaya Vati one tablet after a meal.  Maharasnadi kwath 15 ml with equal quantity of water for 15days. Then along with previous medicines, we started tab gokshur.  And then plan  Basti treatment in Panchakarma for 14 days after the second follow up.


Days Treatment given Dose  Anupan
1st 15 days 1.Trilokya vijaya vati2.Maha yograj guggul3. Maharasnadi quath
4.Saptavinshati guggul
1 tab BD after meals250mg BD before meals10ml BD before meal
250mg 2BD 

 Equal quantity of lukewarm water
Next 15 days 1.Trilokya vijaya vati2.Maha yograj guggul3. Maharasnadi Gokshur (Himalaya) 1 tab BD after meals250mg BD before meals10ml BD before meal250 mg before meals
 Equal quantity of lukewarm water
After 2nd follow up Basti (Panchakarma)Dashmool dhanvantar  with ardra guduchi basti Anuvasana  and niruha for 14 days  
After panchakarma 1.Trailokya vijaya vati2.Tab. Gokshur (Himalaya) 1tab OD after dinner2tabBD Before meal Lukewarm water
Next 15 days 1.Trailokya vijaya vati 1 tabOD after dinner Lukewarm water

 Expected outcome

Treatment will give results initially in pain relief and swelling.

 Actual outcome

 Patient-reported significant pain relief and stiffness in the first 15 days. After 15 days same medicinal treatment continues only added tablet Gokshuraand stop Saptavishati guggul. Then Basti chikitsa done for 14 days. It shows excellent results in his swelling and recurrence of pain.

Before Treatment


After Treatment



 The treatment was decided on the basis of the predominance of vata. Vijaya has  Anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and also Deepan, pachan and combination in Trailokya Vijaya Vati are vata-shamak, Deepen paachan and potent analgesic so the drug is useful in painful etiologies.  Rasnasaptak quath is neuroprotective properties and has an affinity towards muscular- skeleton system so it enhances vata shaman and relieving pain.

Maha Yograj Google is excellent vata shamak and Bruhan Kalpa and useful in musculoskeletal and joint pain. Gokshur helps to kledavahan it helps to reduce swelling. We all know that Basti is the best line of treatment for vata. Basti produces shodhana, shamanand brihan effects in the body. Dashmool are best in expelling the morbid dosha are used in the form of basti, definitely, it produces shodhana effect.


This case study shows that chronic pain can easily manage with Trailokya Vijaya Vati gives excellent results in a short duration. More studies need to be encouraged to collect strong scientific evidence to support such cases and with the help of Ayurveda, especially the Panchakarma process means Basti gives relief with autoimmune conditions also. The best part of Trailokya Vijaya Vati gives pain relief which provides a time window for dosha-dhatu pachana for preparation of Basti.

Case Study by Dr.Snehal Shrikant Bawadekar  (M.D) RSBK

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