How to Review Cannabis Strains

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Are you well-versed with your strains? If yes, do you think you have what it takes to review cannabis strains? In that case, you have come to right place for information. There is a plethora of marijuana strains available in the market, and numerous more are being bred and distributed as we speak. If you consider yourself a cannabis connoisseur, it is necessary for you to be able to produce good quality reviews of the strains. Although the way cannabis affects individuals is subjective, it is fairly easy to evaluate the quality of the cannabis product one consumes. Therefore, with an attention to detail, and by following the guidelines discussed below, one can efficiently review strains.

What is a cannabis strain review?

A review aims at introducing a product, and demonstrating the experience of consuming it. A good review contains some basic information about the product, including its potency, how it appeals to the senses, information about the strain and its compounds, etc. It is important to be organized and have certain parameters set in order to review a strain. There does not exist a designated format or method to write a review, however, it is suggested that reviewers take into account certain basic conditions of analysis that are discussed below. It is recommended to use a general scale of 1-5 or 1-10 in order to be able to rate a strain on the multiple aspects.

Getting started with the review

Despite the fact that a review mainly deals with the exhibition of the experience one derives from the consumption of a strain, it is important to highlight or mention the basic information about the strain. One should mention the name of the strain, whether it is indica or sativa dominant, as well as its CBD to THC ratio. Such information helps compartmentalize the reviews for the audience. After a basic introduction to the strain, the following aspects should be discussed:

  1. The Appearance: How can one tell if a cannabis flower is attractive enough? The appearance of the strain can often determine its effects; however, this is not always the case. With that being said, as a reviewer, it is important to comment on the appearance of the strain. First, you should look at the structure of the bud and evaluate it on the basis of its nug. Take into account the species of the strain and evaluate it on the basis of the most desirable qualities within that species. For instance, depending upon the species (indica or sativa) the nug should neither be too dry, nor too wet. The bud should be dense rather than airy. Buds with trimmed sugar leaves have a better effect on inhalation and therefore must be taken into consideration as well. Once these aspects have been evaluated, the flower’s appearance can be graded appropriately.
  2. The Aroma: Aroma plays an important role in the sensory experience one derives from cannabis. However, different individuals prefer different aromas in their cannabis. Therefore, this category is subjective. Due to this, the most desirable cannabis aroma cannot be defined. In order to be able to judge a strain’s aroma, the first step is to bring it close to the nose and inhale the scent. Generally, a stronger smell is considered to be more desirable when it comes to cannabis. This is because the stronger the smell, the higher the terpene content of the flower. The content of terpene determines the smell, flavor, as well as the psychoactive effects of a strain. For a more efficient review, it is recommended to grade the aroma after grinding the leaves as well. This is because the smell of the flower is more amplified and clear once it is ground. The differences between the ground and the un-ground aroma should be included in this section. The combined notes of the two should then be added, along with the score you give. It should be noted that although it is subjective, your score should be well-justified.
  3. The Flavor: The preference of flavor is a subjective matter like the aroma. Having established that, certain types of flavors are considered better in terms of the overall experience. Once you inhale the smoke, pay attention to the flavor. Does the flavor match the aroma? In a quality bud, the flavor should be similar to the smell, and thus, should make it easier to further evaluate its terpene content. It is important to pay attention to the intensity and the kind of flavor present, and thereafter express that in the review.
  4. The Effects: This is one of the most important aspects in the evaluation of cannabis strains. How does the strain make you feel once the effects have kicked in? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to immerse yourself in the experience.  It is important to note the effect in detail for a review. Take notes on the psychoactive properties of the strain and how it affects your interaction with the world. Keep in mind that the review for a particular species relates to its very properties. You can note how the effects fade away or amplify as time progresses.


The aforementioned guidelines would help you understand how to review cannabis strains. To make the review more effective, it is suggested that you provide a score for all the mentioned categories along with an overall score or percentile. Don’t be afraid to be as detailed as possible. Good luck!


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