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Fracture Management with Trailokya Vijaya Vati

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Abstract: Bone fractures are very common due to hectic day-to-day activity in ancient days as well as today. Locomotion is the basic function of the skeleton which gets hampered with any fracture, primarily due to local pain at the fracture site. Swelling is another hurdle to be managed initially. This clinical case study signifies the solution of both the major clinical features of pain and swelling in fractured patients with Trailokya Vijaya Vati to provide ease and comfort.

Ayurveda Perspective

For this purpose, indigenous drugs are under continuous scrutiny by scientists for their better effect in treating fractures. It is an effort to evaluate the merits and demerits of oral preparation, its effectiveness, and the percentage of time saved for the union of bones.


A fracture is a structural break in the normal continuity of a bone. Fracture healing is a natural body process but it has pain as its main clinical feature. Swelling, deformity, ecchymosis, loss of function, tenderness, abnormal movements are some of the associated features. Principle of management of fracture includes pain management, reduction, immobilization, and rehabilitation. In the treatment of fracture, the anatomical union is not only the ultimate aim but also attention must be paid to avoid or minimize the forthcoming complications.

Case Report

Patient description

A 20 years aged young girl with a low socio-economic condition came to my Surgery OPD with a long bamboo in her hand for support. She was walking with only left leg, another one flexed above showing an ailment in right one. There was gross swelling over the right ankle including the heel part.

Case History

The patient told about domestic trauma due to a sudden slip of foot from stairs yesterday. She was not able to walk with her right leg due to severe pain and swelling since then.

Physical Examination

Swelling and tenderness were present over the Right ankle and severe pain at the dorsum of the heel. Flexion and extension of the foot were little.

Radiological Finding

X-ray showed the fracture of the Calcaneus bone and the fragment is parallel to the ground. This type of fracture is called “Lover’s Fracture”.

Treatment Plan

Presence of swelling compelled me to apply a Plaster of Paris slab (a temporary –Kaccha Plaster) till the swelling gets reduced. It is tremendously painful as the lower limb bears all the weight of the body even on minimum walking or standing. Thus given Trailokya Vijaya Vati one tablet twice a day for 07 days with POP Slab for 10 days. After 10 days the patient was perfectly comfortable with no swelling and minimum pain at the site. Therefore applied a “Below knee POP cast” (pakka plaster) for the next 4 weeks to attain proper immobilization. No other drug or supplement was given.

Expected outcome of the treatment plan

At least 10-15 days was expected to get rid of local swelling and being a female she has necessary household work to move with, so given this medicine only for 07 days.

Actual Outcome

The patient was perfectly fine with POP Slab and felt no pain during this course. She took adequate rest both during the day and night times may be due to the sedative effects of the medicine. This is an additional effect that was really not expected but required most.


Trailokya Vijaya Vati acts as an absorbent of discharges and hematoma, reduces swelling, pain, and tenderness, clears the blockage of channels, depresses the wound, and promotes the healing processes, and ultimately unites the fractured bones. As complete rest is required for the fast union of fractured fragments, this case study reveals that Trailokya Vijaya Vati with its analgesic and anxiolytic effect found helpful in bone healing without prescribing any other preparations.

Case Study by Dr. Namrata Kulshrestha

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