5 ways CBD oil can enhance creativity

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The cannabinoid, CBD, or Cannabidiol, has in the recent past, acted as a head-turner for people towards the cannabis industry. Cannabis industry, still in the course of establishing a stronghold in the market, primarily due to the legalisation related concerns, CBD and products based on it have proven crucially contributive towards this process. Medical cannabis, which leads this process from the frontline, essentially constitutes CBD. As research evidence suggests, CBD oil, most prevalent form of consumption of CBD, has wide ranging applications in the medication industry. From capable of relieving chronic pain to reducing anxiety and depression to being used in the treatment of multiple scelrosis and seizures, benefits of CBD oil are comprehensive.

CBD, largely derived from the hemp plant, is eventually gaining its footspace in the arena of medication. While hemp plant is called industrial hemp, for it’s uses, CBD is recognised because of its therapeutic potential, anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant behavior and neuroprotective ability. However, this list does not end here. As the acceptance of cannabis is evolving with generations, some people have found vaping CBD oil as an efficient booster for creativity. This is mainly a circuitous effect of its medicinal properties. In this article, we’ll delve into the research and it’s results, to track and understand the benficence of CBD oil towards creativity.

CBD oil and creativity

Largely, there are 5 ways through which CBD oil works within the body and enhances the sense of creativity in its users.

1. Interaction with receptors

The Human Endocannabinoid system, naturally present within the human body, is predominantly responsible for the function of homeostasis in the body. Their receptors are spread throughout the body. Cannabinoids are found to bind onto these receptors to generate it’s effects in the body. Impacting the process of neurogenesis, i.e, the formation of new neurons in the brain, CBD oil expands the thinking capacity of the brain. Research has established that CBD oil has the dexterity to raise the cerebral blood flow(CBF), which spurs active blood flow in the frontal lobe of the brain, which contains significant portion of these receptors. This stimulates what is called “divergent thinking”, obligatory for creativity and enables the creator to think out-of-the-box.

2. With the help of THC

When it comes to creativity, importance of THC gets heightened, as intake of THC uplifts the mood, by releasing dopamine, relieves anxiety and on the whole, produces a relaxing effect, fostering CBD oil’s benefits, as apart from the internal stimulation, social environment affects creativity in a substantial manner.

3. CBD oil lubricates the brain order

Improved divergent thinking leads to a chain reaction which results in enhanced focus and concentration, better analytical thinking and allows users to connect abstract ideas. This not only creates innovative pieces but also, unique, as it also encourages introspection.

4. CBD improves Episodic Memory Retrieval

Episodic memory implies it’s literal meaning, i.e, memories specific to an incident that has occurred in your life. CBD oil helps in easy recollection of the details related to the memory, which provides an opportunity to the creator to draw insight and vision from the same.

5. CBD elevates pattern recognition

Study published in Psychiatric Research in 2010, states that CBD oil meliorates pattern recognition, a crucial aspect of creativity. Pattern recoginition allows the creator to infer and reach at far-reaching conclusions, derived from any kind of data. This broadens the horizons of the creator as well as of the content that he/she creates.

Note from HempStreet

As creativity is a subjective issue, definitions of good quality content is extensive and hence, difficult to limit. However, the process starts and ends at the brain. So if you’re not done with a piece to perform in slam poetry tomorrow, catching up on the script or song writing has been delayed for too long now, or just an art that you intend to gift to your closed one exactly at midnight, a shot of CBD oil will come to your rescue. Preferred method of consumption is vaping. It is important to remember to start with lower doses as well as to pick the right strain of cannabis, which widely constitutes CBD. However, it is also vital to ensure that THC constituent is not completely eliminated, as the combination yields better results.        

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