Why The Cannabis Industry Is Urging For A Regulated Market?

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Cannabis industry has been involved in a long drawn battle with the states, across the world, in order to justify it’s identity. The major challenge has been to bust the myths that have been the root cause of the stigma associated with cannabis. In addition to this, the cannabis cartidges used in vaping by maximum number of cannabis consumers had led to a sudden surge in the cases of patients, suffering from respiratory illness. Tracing this outbreak, it was found that these cartridges and other cannabis based products were illicitly sourced from the unregulated and untested market established for cannabis sale. It has been evident that cannabis legalisation is a fundamental necessity for regulated sale and consumption of cannabis.

Gradually, as the benefits of medicinal cannabis are coming to the fore, the process of cannabis legalisation is gaining steam. Apart from this, in order to counter the crisis and prevent its occurrence in future, it is important that the trading and supply of cannabis through the illicit channels must be ceased. Drug Enforcement Adminstration although has had a number of successful cases to their name, of busting illegal traders of cannabis, the adminstation needs the state to take impactful steps towards the same, in order to curb this flow of illegal cannabis. The primary reason behind this being, the illicit market supplying cannabis and cannabis based products to the consumers, are not tested for their composition, scientifically and hence, under no circumstances should be trusted upon. When the latter is not paid heed to, it leads to crisis such as written above. Thus, the cannabis industry is urging for a regulated market. Let us understand why.

How bans on cannabis are hurting?

As on 2019, statistics reveal that only around 45 countries have either decriminalised the use of recreational cannabis or legalised only the use of medicinal cannabis and Canada, remains the only country to have legalised both. Here, it is crucial to understand the difference between decriminalisation and legalisation. While decriminalisation of drugs restricts the use of substances and puts a bar on it’s usage, legalisation sets free of any and all kind of restrictions, when it comes to substance use. As research into determining the constituents of cannabis and their contribution in producing the effect upon cannabis intake is still at an early stage, decriminalisation of cannabis could be the first step towards eradicating the stigma.

The federal ban on cannabis across several states in the world, has indirectly supported the establishment and growth of black market of cannabis. This growth of black market is not only hindering the establishment of regulated cannabis market but also pushing the few legalised cannabis dispensaries into massive loss. This is because of the stark difference in the prices of legal and illicit cannabis as well as the  existence of a banking bill in USA, which triggers the scare among banks when it comes to lending loans for cannabis business.

A regulated and legal market would succeed in rising above these issues and lead to grant of free flow of cannabis across countries, erasing borders. This will globalise the consumption of cannabis and generate an extensive market for import and export of it. Apart from disrupting the revenue generation of legal dealers of cannabis, the cannabis black market industry is also associated with severe health risks. Due to bans and limitations on cannabis use, the black market sells mass-produced, untested cannabis which contains additives and contaminants, to a large extent. Since they’re sold at a very cheap price, they do not undergo any kind of filtering and go on to harm the health of it’s consumers significantly.

Medicinal cannabis contributes for regulated cannabis market

Legalising or even decriminalising the use of cannabis will open up many doors for educating the people about it’s medicinal benefits. As research evidence and experimental results have proven that the endocannabinoid in cannabis, CBD or cannabidiol, is capable of being a medication for treatment of anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s, seizures, among several others, legalising cannabis, will allow tens of hundred of patients in availing this cure. CBD oil, most widely used form of cannabis, has benefits ranging from alleviating chronic pain to neuroprotective properties.

Word from Hempstreet

Cannabis consumers, who understand the qualities of cannabis, should take it upon themselves as users to be responsible and buy cannabis or it’s based products only from licensed dispensaries. This will ensure them of it’s constitutional ingredients and protect them from all the health hazards that is leagued with unregulated cannabis obtained from the black market. Safe and responsible behaviour displayed by cannabis consumers will boost the process of establishing a regulated cannabis market.

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