Bilwadi For IBS- Real Results That Showcase Real Benefits

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IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome, is one of the most common gut disorders worldwide, affecting around 1 in 10 people globally and the most common health issue diagnosed by gastroenterologists. 

IBS causes the muscles in the colon to contract and cause abdominal pain and/or cramps. Its other symptoms include: 

  • Discomfort
  • Anorexia
  • Weight loss
  • Bloating
  • Altered bowel movements
  • Chronic constipation and/or diarrhea
  • Excess gas
  • Thirst
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Headache and tiredness

IBS increases the bad bacteria in the digestive tract, hampering the body’s digestive processes.

For most people, IBS becomes a lifelong condition because the available conventional medications and treatment methods only focus on easing the symptoms and not alleviating the condition itself., the side effects of these drugs often worsen the symptoms.

Let us look at how the holistic science of Ayurveda approaches IBS, along with a few treatment results of patients who were given Bilwadi Churna to alleviate their condition.

IBS: The Ayurvedic Approach

The Ayurvedic science refers to IBS as Grahani, meaning the retaining ability of the small intestine. Poor eating habits, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy stressful lifestyles are prominent causative factors of this disorder, which cause the absorption and function of the digestive tract to weaken.

Other causes of IBS are-

  • Excessive food intake or excessive fasting
  • Food poisoning
  • Consuming unwholesome food
  • Irregular sleep habits
  • Excess stress, depression, anger, or grief
  • Symptoms of a chronic illness leading to reduced digestive function
  • Side effects of certain medications

To manage IBS, Ayurveda focuses on eliminating accumulated toxins in the digestive system, improving digestive function, and calming the aggravated energies in the body. A 2023 study showed that the Ayurvedic system is incredibly effective in alleviating IBS and its symptoms. Patients reported significant improvements in prominent indications like abdominal pain, stool frequency, consistency, and relief.

One of the most effective Ayurvedic remedies prescribed by health experts is Bilwadi Churna, an herbal concoction that helps relieve IBS and its symptoms, as well as enhance the body’s digestive health. 

The Efficacy and Benefits Of Bilwadi Churna For IBS: Case Studies

Case Study 1

A 19-year-old female patient complained of passing stools after every meal for over eight months, accompanied by repeated abdominal pain and discomfort, tenesmus of defecation, and weight loss. This altered bowel habit affected her dietary intake and appetite. 

With over four weeks of Ayurvedic treatment with Bilwadi Churna and other lifestyle and dietary modifications, the patient showed significant improvements in all clinical aspects of her condition and IBS severity scores. 

Case Study 2

A 46-year-old male patient was experiencing indigestion, bloating with frequent motion, and mucus discharge in the stools. He suffered from lower abdominal pain, accompanied by anxiety and nervousness. This led to poor appetite, digestion issues, irregular bowel habits, and disrupted sleep. 

Within the first 15 days of Ayurvedic treatment with Bilwadi Churna, abdominal bloating, and gaseous condition were reduced by 75%, and there were notable improvements in sleep and mucus discharge.

Case Study 3

Diffused abdominal pain for over two years and frequent discharge of mucus-coated stools were the main complaints of this 36-year-old male patient. He had lost his appetite, causing reduced satiety and weight loss. The treatment focused on alleviating the pain, reducing the frequency of the stools, and stimulating appetite for a healthy weight gain. 

This was achieved by eliminating the accumulated toxins, ama, from the gut and balancing the three doshas in the system, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Our Ayurvedic medical experts at Hempstreet Medicare prescribed Bilwadi Churna and a healthy and wholesome dietary plan to enhance the patient’s digestive function. The ingredients in Bilwadi Churna proved to be effective in alleviating the patient’s condition and improving his digestive function.

Why Is Bilwadi Churna Successful In Soothing IBS And Its Symptoms?

What makes Bilwadi Churna an effective remedy for IBS is the virtue and high therapeutic potential of its ingredients. This concoction consists of:

Bilwadi Magaj (Bael fruit): Bael is rich in tannins that exhibit robust anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is loaded with digestive fibers to facilitate smoother bowel function. This makes it an ideal digestive tonic and an effective fruit for IBS symptoms like indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, etc. The fruit also has a carminative property, which means it helps relieve fatigue and cools down the system.

Mochrasa (Shalmali/Silk Cotton Tree): Mochrasa exhibits astringent properties, enabling it to contract the muscles and tissues in the intestines. This prevents loose stools among IBS patients.

Sunthi (Ginger): Ginger is highly effective in improving gastrointestinal motility, so the food doesn’t stay in the gut for long. It encourages stomach-emptying to relieve nausea and reduces bloating and intestinal gas.

Bhanga (Vijaya/Medical Cannabis): Vijaya is one of the most potent Ayurvedic herbs for gut health. It binds with the cannabinoids in the gut’s ECS and regulates the function of the digestive organs. This allows the herb to alleviate conditions such as IBS, IBD, nausea and vomiting, chronic abdominal pain, anorexia, rapid weight loss, etc. 

Vijaya leverages the gut-brain connection by binding with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain and easing symptoms like anxiety, stress, and depression, which are prominent causative factors for digestive disorders like IBS.

Dhataki (Fire Flame Bush): Dhataki provides bulk to the feces, thus alleviating issues like diarrhea, dysentery, piles, etc. It boosts overall gut immunity and function, removes the bad bacteria from the gut to prevent intestinal infections, reduces stool frequency, removes toxins from the system, and balances the three doshas. Dhataki also prevents gastric spasms, promotes better assimilation of food in the gut, and enhances nutrient absorption.

Dhanyaka (Coriander): one of the oldest known spices, coriander is vital in stimulating the digestive enzymes and juices to enhance the gut’s function and relax the intestinal muscles. It is packed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe digestive ailments like bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, and other prominent IBS symptoms.

Saunf (Fennel): Fennel is known to aid digestion and relieve gassiness by reducing inflammation in the bowels and killing the bad bacteria in the gut. It improves bowel movements and bulks up the stool with its dietary fiber, enhancing gut motility. 

Bilwadi Churna is a potent formulation for easing gut disorders and boosting the gut’s activity. Contact Hempstreet Medicare to know more about how you can leverage its therapeutic potential effectively and boost your gut health!


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