Benefits of hemp seed oil in pet care

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Dogs becoming hippie?! Well, you can say so. Let’s find out why? Hemp, gradually gaining steam and reaching out to a wider audience, is experiencing a revolution. This revolution, a direct impact of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, legalising hemp, is primarily working towards putting forth the benefits that hemp plants bring to the table and making people aware of the differences between hemp and marijuana. This is not only contributing towards changing the perceptions of people about hemp but also encouraging them to use and explore it. While both hemp and marijuana belong to the same plant species, that is, Cannabis Sativa L., their chemical composition differs to a great extent. Marijuana, largely contains the cannabinoid THC, well-known for it’s psychoactive effects. Hemp, on the other hand, has CBD, as its significant constituent. The THC content in hemp, is negligible. Hence, hemp is not scheduled as a narcotic drug. Hemp, recognised as ‘industrial hemp’, keeps up to its reputation well, as stalks and seeds of hemp, are used in industries ranging from construction materials to bodycare.

How does hemp tend to take care of the pets though? Which constituents of hemp provide for the well-being of the pets? Which part of hemp contains these constituents? Hemp, in which of its form, is advisable for consumption by pets? Let’s arrive at the answers to these questions, in the following sections of the article.

What is hemp seeds oil?

The use of hemp plants dates back long ago. However, hemp plant belonging to the cannabis family, had put limitations on its uses as people were oblivious about the plant’s benefits. With the revolution in effect and the latest developments in research studies about hemp plants, it has been discovered that hemp plants are not only beneficiary for humans, but also for the pets. Hemp seeds oil, is now considered to be the most suitable diet for pets. Hemp seeds oil are found to have therapeutic as well as nutritional benefits for pets as the constituents of hemp seeds oil are apt in their proportion, as required for the pets.

How and why is hemp seeds oil different from CBD oil?

It is also important to know that widely known CBD oil is not the same as hemp oil. While CBD oil is mainly used for medicinal purposes, hemp oil offers nutritional gain. In addition to this, it is also important to understand that industrial hemp, discussed in the above sections, is not the same as hemp seeds oil, as industrial hemp is extracted from the flowers of hemp plant and then processed, while hemp seeds oil is pressed from the seeds of hemp plant and thus, concentration of CBD and THC in it is insignificant.

Nutrient composition of the oil

Cholorophyll, in hemp seeds, is extremely beneficiary for the dogs. Veterinarians across the world have prescribed hemp seeds oil for dogs because hemp seeds contain fatty acids and antioxidants, which act as valuable supplements for dog diet. The ratio of omega fatty acids, i.e, Omega 6 to Omega 3, 3:1, is treated as the most conventional and healthy ratio of fatty acids to be included in dogs’ diet. Hemp seeds are also a good source of protein as the protein in it is readily digestible by the dogs. These seeds also contain acids such as Gamma-Linolenic Acid(GLA) and steridonic acid.

Deconstructing hemp seeds oil for pet care

These nutrients of hemp seeds in it’s oil act as a cure for various dog diseases, from arthritis to stress relief or anxiety reduction in dogs to helping improving the dog’s skin by protecting them from and treating their allergies. As GLA enhances the process of breaking down proteins, the oil also helps in maintaining a suitable weight of the pet as well as a sort of medicament for Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), one of the most common digestion related disease in dogs. GLA-rich hemp seeds oil also constrains the growth of cancerous cells and tumours in dogs. The efficient ratio of omega acids is effective in treating inflammation, cognitive disorders and heart diseases. Seizures, relatively common amongst dogs, can be cured by hemp seeds oil. However, the process of cure depends on the amount and concentration of hemp seeds oil. This oil also helps in reduction of shedding of fur. On the whole, hemp seeds oil boosts the immune system of the pets, at the same time keeping the outlook of pets intact, in a good condition.

Tips for buying hemp seeds oil for your pets

All said and done, since pets are naïve and tender, it is important that administration of hemp seeds oil in their diet is done in accordance with the appropriate dosage. The dosage of oil is determined with respect to the weight of the pets as well as their health condition. It is also advisable that the oil should not be used, if the meals of pets are cooked and prepared, as, in high temperatures, the oil loses all its essence. Also, it is important that the oil of hemp seeds is stored in cold condition, as not doing so would lead to the oil turning rancid. Be wise and safe, as these creatures trust us humans blindly and we should live up to the responsibility well.

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