Ayurveda: An effective alternative for Insomnia

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Abstract Insomnia is clinically defined as the inability to sleep or difficulty in sleep. Due to urbanization and industrialization, there has been a drastic change in our day by day activities including Lifestyle, Food habits, Sexual life. Now a day; due to increase stress due to competitive life also hampers our physical and mental health. Approx. 30% of the adult population is suffered from insomnia in any of the insomnia symptoms.

In this case study, a male patient of age 35 years with the loss of sleep, difficulty in falling asleep, and other associated symptoms of weakness was selected. Insomnia resembles Anidra in Ayurveda in which nidra is inadequate and not proper. The patient was managed with ayurvedic treatment with medhya rasayana and Trilokya vijya vati. Results are assessed by patient perspective and improvement in the overall duration of sleep quality. Trilokya vijya vati gave satisfactory improvement in insomnia symptoms in this case.


Sleep is one of the important parts of life that why in Ayurveda, its included in one out of three tripods of life. Sleep in a relaxing state of body and mind. It acts as a rejuvenator of body tissues which use during the day time. It’s the best elixir and tonic for the mind too. It’s also helpful in consolidation for memory. As per different theories of sleep, it removes the toxin accumulated during day activity in the brain. It also repairs the wear and tear of the body tissues. Any variation in terms of quality and quantity of sleep leads to the origination of various. Sleep loss or insomnia is not only the disease but it’s a symptom of other physical and psychological diseases. Approx. 30% of the adult population is suffered from any of the symptoms of insomnia. The urban population of India also reported a higher prevalence of sleep disorders among which insomnia prevalence is greater.

In ayurveda, Sleep or Nidra have been explained as the essential factor for life. Imbalance of normal physiology of nidra leads to anidra or nidranash. In classics, the etiological factor behind nidranash is elevated Vata and Pitta in association with depletion of kapha. Normal hemostatis of tridosha lead to normal nidra and condition of swastha. For normal regulation of sleep, the proper function of mana is also an essential factor. Any vitiation of vata and pitta due to dietary, lifestyle, and environmental factors leads to nidranasha or anidra or insomnia.

Case Report

Patient description

Presenting Concern: A 35-year male presented in OPD of my clinic with a complaint of loss of sleep for 2 years, mild headache for 6 months. Associated Complaints of general weakness, sexual weakness, and early ejaculation also presented (Table 01)

Table 01: Timeline of the case

S.No Complaints Duration
01 Loss of sleep 2 year
02 Difficulty in falling asleep 1.5 year
03 Decease duration of sleep 1.5 year
04 General weakness 1 year
05 Sexual weakness 6 month
06 Headache 6 month

Past H/o: He had no history of diabetes/bronchial asthma/T. B and hypertension

Family H/o: No family history of diabetes/hypertension/Bronchial asthma/T.B

Addiction H/o: He had no addiction history of smoking, tobacco, and alcohol


General Examination and Personal history: General Condition of the patient was good. No deviation in vital signs. He is a Muslim of Indian ethnicity. He had a good appetite, Normal bladder, bowel habit, and regular sleep pattern. He had a sedentary lifestyle, well-built and well-nourished. He had BMI of 24.5 and waist circumference of 94 cm. His prakruti was pitta Dominant and sarata was meda sarata. He had avara satva.

Clinical Investigation: Investigation was carried out before treatment like routine hematological test complete blood count (CBC), liver function test(LFT), Kidney function test(KFT), lipid profile, blood sugar fasting, and Post pradial, urine routine and microscopic. All investigation was under normal range except blood sugar which was borderline.

Treatment plan (Table 02):

Date Treatment Given Dose Time
10.11.2020 01.Brahmi vati 02.Sarswatarishta
1 tab Twice daily 20ml twice daily
After food After food
17.11.2020 – 27.11.2020 Continue all 04. Trilokya vijya vati 05. bala ashwagandhadi oil padaabhyanga
1 Tab twice daily

After food
28.11.2020 – 08.12.2020 Continue all

Table 03: Drug properties

Name of drug Herbs present Rasa Guna Virya Vipaka Karma
Brahmi VatiBrahmi
Tikta KashyaLaghuShitaMadhuraVata-pitta shamaka

Tikta rasaSnigdha , picchilaShitaMadhuraVata-pitta shamaka
Katu LaghuTikshna UshVata-kapha shamka
Vacha Katu TiktaLaghu TikshnaUshna
Katu Vata-kapha shamaka
MadhuraShita Vata-pitta shamaka
Suvarna makshika
Tikta kashya
Laghu Ushna katu
Pitta-kapha shamaka
Main ingredients
Laghu ShitaMadhuraVata-pitta shamaka
Guru, snigdha ShitaMadhuraVata-pitta shamaka
MadhuraGuru snigdhaShitaMadhura Vata-pitta shamaka
Kashya pradhanaLaghu UshnaMadhuraTridoshas-hamka
Madhura TiktaLaghu
ShitaKatuVata-pitta shamaka
Trilokya vijya vati Bhanga
Tikta Laghu, tikshna UshnaKatu vipakaVata shamaka
VanshlochanaMadhura, kashaya Laghu, Tikshan, RukshaShitaMadhuraPitta shamaka


The patient was advised ayurveda medication along with dietary and lifestyle. Modification especially vata and pitta shamak ahara vihara. The patient told Improvement in the duration of sleep but still quality as well as difficulty in falling asleep not improved so much. After adding Trilokya vijya vati, quality, quantity as well as difficulty also improved. The patient also told improvement in sexual health and weakness after the addition of Trilokya Vijya Vati.

Patient Perspective

During the treatment, I felt very relaxed and felt improvement in my symptoms of headache as well as insomnia. After 20 days of treatment, I felt a marked improvement in quality, the quantity of sleep, sexual weakness as well as in my sexual performance.


Anidra called as insomnia in modern terms is vataja natatmaj vikara as per the classical text. Due to the vitiation of vata and pitta, Normal physiology of sleep(nidra) turns into the pathological state called as anidra. All Vata and pitta vardhaka ahara or rasa as well as a lifestyle which enhance the vata and pitta play a vital role in pathogenesis of anidra. So along with medication, the other factor also must be controlled for significant relief.

Brahmi vati is an herbal formulation containing the ingredient having acting on central nervous system as well as the cardiovascular system. The main ingredient Brahmi has anxiolytic effects, anti-stress, sleep producing effect, anticonvulsive action, antioxidant activity as well as a good mental tonic. vacha and sankhpushpi are medhya rasayana which enhance mental functioning, remove the toxic from brain and help in memory improvement. Sankhpushpi is the best medhya rasayana as per acharya charaka.

Other herbomineral formulation is “Saraswatarishta”. Ingredients having maximum quantity are vidarikand, Brahmi, and Shatavari. Vidarikand is one of rasayanas that help in the improvement of overall health. Satavari is balya, poshaka and dhatu vardhaka and uses in treating various physical and mental issues. The overall formulation of saraswatarishta are used to improve memory consolidation, conative as well as cognitive issues. Saraswatarishta is to be useful to treat acute anxiety, weakness, fatigue, and insomnia, partial loss of memory, low grasping power, slurred speech, and stress and tissue rejuvenator.

Trilokya vijya vati, the herbal formulation containing the Vijya and Vanshlochana. Vijya(Cannabis sativus) is vata shamaka, dipana, pachana, ruchya, madkari and vyavayi. It is also medhya and rasayana properties as per classical literature. Cannabidiol one of the ingredient found in cannabis is useful in some neuropsychiatric disorders, including epilepsy, anxiety, and schizophrenia as per various scientific literatures. It’s also has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Vijaya also has an anti-inflammatory property.

In the classical text, cannabis is indicated in many diseases after proper purification or shodhana karma. Vanshalochana the other ingredient present in trilokya vijya vati is useful as aphrodisiac, acts as a cooling agent for the mind, rejuvenating effect as well as liver and cardiac tonic. So Trilokya vijya vati having vata-pitta shamaka properties which help in balancing the dosha of andira and acts as the herbal formulation useful in sleep deprivation as well as for general and sexual weakness.


Ayurvedic treatment protocol for insomnia could be safe and cost-effective without producing any side effects. The case study shows that Insomnia can be successfully managed by Ayurvedic medicine.

Case Study shared by: Dr. Ankur Kumar Tanwar, MD(Ayurveda) Published by: HempStreet

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