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Trailokya Vijaya Vati: An ayurvedic get away from sleeping disorders

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Abstract: This case study reviews the use of Trailokya Vijaya Vati employing cannabis in the treatment of Insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which you trouble falling and/or staying asleep. This condition can be short or long term, it may also come and go. This condition is prevalent in more than 40% of adults.

The treatment of insomnia consists of improving sleep habits, behavior therapy, and identifying and treating underlying causes. Sleeping pills or mild sedatives may also be used but they usually have a lot of side effects. Hence, patients, these days come searching for a safer and quicker alternative and Cannabis can be used in such cases as an ideal drug of choice.

This is a case of a 36 yr old female with a history of stress-related insomnia for the last 1 yr. She had tried allopathy as well as homeopathy for the aforementioned condition but she could get very little relief. She was irritable throughout the day and its intensity was increasing every moment. 2 weeks ago she was prescribed Trailokya Vijaya Vati for her insomnia and she has had a quiet and reposeful sleep ever since.

Ayurveda Perspective

According to Ayurveda, NIDRA is one of the most important factors contributing to a healthy and long life. ANIDRA or NIDRANASHA is a VATA VYADHI which degrades the quality of one’s life and also affects its longevity. Vijaya is having Tikta Rasa Ushna Virya it has laghu Tiksnha Guna and Katu Vipaka. Hence it pacifies the Vata Dosha and helps in the treatment of ANIDRA or NIDRANASHA.


Sleep is essential for maintaining our mental and physical health, yet it eludes many adults. According to recent researches, 30-40% of the adult population experience symptoms of a sleep disorder out of which around 20% deal with chronic insomnia. So if getting shut-eye is becoming harder and harder for you … You are not alone! With so many people experiencing sleeping disorders, there has been a rise of interest in one controversial cure: CANNABIS. In many countries, Cannabis is an effective drug with little or no side effects for a range of sleeping disorders. Whether you have a sleep disorder or you are having difficulty sleeping after a stressful day … Cannabis might be a choice for you!

Case Report

Patient description

A 36-year-old female was presented with complaints of insomnia for the last 1 year.

Case history

She had tried allopathy as well as homeopathy for the aforementioned condition but she could get very little relief. She is a known case of Diabetes Mellitus for the last 3 years and is often stressed due to the early detection of DM and her fluctuating Blood Sugar Levels (which are under control only since the last 2 months or so). Prakruti Analysis – VATA PRADHAN

Treatment plan

Medicines to be used – Trailokya Vijaya Vati. She was prescribed Trailokya Vijaya Vati only once a day along with her other Diabetes medications along with some lifestyle modification and meditation.

Expected outcome of the treatment plan

It was expected that the patient would get good and undisturbed sleep since the day she takes the tablet.

Actual outcome

As expected the patient has been sleeping well and undisturbed for 6- 8 hours every night she could feel fresh and less irritable throughout the day.


The treatment was decided on the basis of the predominance of VATA DOSHA involvement. The Vijaya has sedative properties and is also an effective VATAGHNA herb. It helps in inducing sleep.


This case study shows that Insomnia can be successfully managed with Trailokya Vijaya Vati. It is supportive for further research, using Vijaya on different types of chronic pains.

Case Study shared by Dr. Anchal Maheswari, Consultant Ayuvedacharya

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