The Burning Questions About Vijaya And Chronic Pain

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When pain in the body lasts for over three-six months, it is referred to as chronic. And it can have a severe impact on your physical and mental health, sleep, and overall quality of life. To help patients manage it, they have been prescribed various conventional medications. 

But none of them was found to be as effective in alleviating the condition as Vijaya and medical cannabis-based medication. If you want to leverage its vast therapeutic potential to provide yourself relief from chronic pain, then here are the questions you must ask your medical expert before diving into using this potent herb:

What Is Vijaya and Cannabis-Based Medication?

Vijaya is a potent herb that has vast therapeutic potential and several health benefits. And when medical experts prescribe this herb to patients to help them with their health conditions, it is called Vijaya’s cannabis-based medication.

How Does Vijaya Work On Chronic Pain?

The ECS (Endocannabinoid System) is a crucial biological system in the body that manages numerous vital bodily functions and regulates pain. One of its components includes cannabinoid receptors that are spread throughout the body, especially in the brain and nervous system.

When people consume Vijaya, its chemical compounds bind with these receptors in the brain and activate them to modify the way your body perceives pain. This, in turn, effectively reduces the pain sensations. 

It furthermore helps significantly reduce the pain’s harmful physical and psychological symptoms like muscle and joint pain, insomnia, fatigue, mood issues, anxiety, and depression. This is why experts consider this herb to be the best pain-reliever medicine.

Is There Any Research Done On Its Effectiveness?

There have been numerous studies and clinical trials done on the effect of Vijaya on chronic pain. Some of them are as follows:

  • In a study conducted by Hebrew University, over 65% of patients reported a significant reduction in chronic pain after consuming Vijaya. Besides that, over 44% of patients discontinued their opioid therapy after the treatment.
  • In a case series conducted in Canada, 15 patients inhaled Vijaya in small amounts. Out of them, 12 reported huge improvements in their pain and moods. And 11 further reported improved sleep.
  • Furthermore, a 2019 study showed that among the patients taking Vijaya for chronic pain, over 80% found it tremendously helpful. Moreover, 82% of those reduced or stopped taking over-the-counter pain medications while 88% stopped taking opioids for their pain.
  • The American Academy of Neurology also revealed that elderly patients aged 75 years and older tolerated Vijaya well and reported considerable relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

How Is It Different From Other Medications?

Traditional painkillers, NSAIDs, and opioids exhibit harmful adverse effects on health such as drowsiness, damage to other organs, psychological issues, etc. making the condition worse instead of managing it. The key quality that sets Vijaya apart from traditional medications is that it does not show any harmful health effects.

Moreover, a study conducted in Canada found that Vijaya reduces the dependency on prescription medicines and addictive opioids in patients up to 78%, decreases addiction, and improves their overall quality of life.

Is It Safe?

If you get the best medical consultation and consume it in regulated doses, it is perfectly safe. Furthermore, being a plant-based medication, it is environment-friendly, cruelty-free and dairy-free, and has a higher safety profile for your body than any traditional painkiller or addictive opioid. 

However, abusing it and consuming it in higher doses than prescribed can lead to mild side effects like drowsiness, dry mouth, headaches, gastrointestinal issues, etc.

Will I Get Addicted?

You can not get high on Vijaya if you take it in the prescribed dosage. And since Vijaya has a higher tolerance than conventional drugs, its psychoactive effects are easily tolerated by the patients.

A review by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine mentions that 1-day pain therapy with opioids has a 6% probability of generating addiction leading to long-term opioid use. On the other hand, the probability of Vijaya dependence after ten years of use is 5.9%.

How to Avail It?

To leverage Vijaya’s pharmacological properties for your chronic pain, it is vital to take the best medical consultation possible from the right medical experts. Many patients are unsure about how they should bring up Vijaya with their doctors.

If you feel the same way, start by catching up on the existing research and filling the knowledge gap. This will make it easier for you to discuss this subject with your doctors, ask the right questions, and get the answers you need.

To know more about Vijaya’s action on chronic pain, how it can help you, and how you can benefit from it the right way, contact Hempstreet and get the best medical consultation.


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