Sarpagandha GhanVati to Treat High Blood Pressure

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The science of Ayurveda medicine is based on the belief that good health comes from a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit and the modern man seems to have gone away from this healthy balance. The ever-increasing number of patients suffering from high blood pressure and anxiety around us is a testimony that this balance needs to be achieved to create a healthy and calm society.

‘Sarpagandha Vati’ is one of the most popular Ayurvedic medicines for high blood pressure(Hypertension) or Ucch-Raktachaap as we call it in Ayurveda. In this small write-up, we will try to shed light on the science behind this classical medicine to see how effectively it helps in treating and managing high blood pressure/hypertension. Several studies have been conducted on the efficacy of Sarpagandha Vati in reducing blood pressure, and the results have been promising.

As mentioned greatly in Ayurvedic texts, it helps in controlling high blood pressure.

The formulation has been used for centuries by Ayurveda physicians for the holistic management of hypertension. The primary ingredient of Sarpagandha Vati is Rauwolfia serpentina, the herb that contains reserpine which is known to have anti-hypertensive properties as per modern pharmacology. Let us understand the action of Sarpagandha vati in both the Ayurvedic way and in the purview of modern medicine.

Modern lifestyle and related stress, tension, and anxiety due it aggravate Vata and do Srototas obstruction in Dhamni(arteries/veins) leading to high blood pressure. Vata is the main vitiated Dosha here and Rakta is Dushya. Along with Pitta, and the involvement of Manovaha Srotas, these Dosha and Dushay obstruct and disturb the flow/equilibrium state of blood leading to hypertension. Sarpagandha Vati acts as Rasayana(anti-ageing, vitality promoter) Medhya( Intellect ability), Raktapurifier( blood purifier) to help beat the issue of hypertension. All of these properties make it a drug of choice that can be used for a longer duration in hypertension.

The action of Sarpagandha happens on ‘Manovahastrotas’ for restoring normal functions of the brain and helping patients with anxiety to get natural sleep. Sarpagandha’s action on rakatvahini naadi(veins) to make them dilated and cleanse them of any obstructions explains its blood-lowering mechanism. Vata controls the motor-nervous system and its action on pacifying aggravated Vata well explains its action of inducing sleep while controlling anxiety.

According to modern pharmacology, the alkaloid Reserpine present in Rauwolfia reduces high blood pressure by decreasing the activity of central and peripheral noradrenergic neurons. This results in a rapid reduction in the cardiac output, heart rate and peripheral vascular resistance.

Reserpine, an alkaloid in Rauwolfia, reduces BP by decreasing the activity of central and peripheral noradrenergic neurons. Reserpine results in a rapid reduction in cardiac output, heart rate, and peripheral vascular resistance. Being hypertensive, the reserpine

depletes stores of catecholamines and 5-hydroxytryptamine in many organs, including the brain and adrenal medulla. Thus, depression of sympathetic nerve function results in a decreased heart rate and a lowering of arterial blood pressure.

Numerous studies have shown that Sarpagandha Vati is safe and effective in reducing blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health. The anti-hypertensive drugs bring a lot of side effects with them and making patients leech out of body minerals and making them irritable throughout the day is one of the side effects physicians encounter almost daily. The drug also helps immensely in lowering fast heartbeat in patients with tachycardia.

Given its efficacy, and safety which are confirmed and established in the purview of modern science, the Sarpagandha Vati, this drug can be that healthy anti-hypertensive the world is currently looking at.

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