Chocolate Cyst: Is it interfering with your menstrual cycle too?

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Abstract: This is a clinical case study of a 28 year old female diagnosed having ‘Chocolate Cyst’ (also known as ovarian endometriomas) which turned symptomatic all of a sudden and interfered with her otherwise healthy menstrual cycle and daily routine. The patient had been advised surgery but preferred pain management for the time being as she was reluctant for the invasive procedure during the Covid period. Trailokya Vijaya Vati helped her extensively with her condition and helped her get back to her routine instantaneously.


The name ‘Chocolate Cyst’ derives from their brown, tar-like appearance, which looks something like melted chocolate. Chocolate cysts may cause symptoms in some women. Other women may not experience any symptoms.

The size of the cyst also doesn’t necessarily affect the severity or presence of symptoms. This means a woman with a small cyst may experience symptoms, while someone with a large one may not. Cysts can range from 2 to 25 centimeters in size.

When symptoms do occur, they’re similar to those of endometriosis. They can include painful, crampy periods, pelvic pain not related to your menstrual cycle, irregular periods, pain during sex, and infertility for some women.

Case Report

Patient description

This patient with the age of 28 Years suddenly experienced increased pelvic pain and cramps during periods. Otherwise, a very active homemaker felt her daily activities were hampered by this situation. There were days when she would miss her morning alarm due to restless night cramps and pelvic pain. This was affecting her kids studies and ordering food from outside was becoming a routine. She tried to suppress the pain by taking modern painkillers but they would hardly help. 

Case history

The patient had been diagnosed with a small chocolate cyst almost a year ago on her routine checkup in left ovary. She however had no symptoms for the same. The Gynecologist suggested that she should wait and watch – undergo regular USG and keep a track of its size and also for symptoms if any. 

A month ago, the patient suddenly started experiencing cramping pain and had the worst painful periods in years. The size of the cyst had not increased significantly but the symptoms and protocol suggested that the patient must undergo surgery. She, however, was reluctant with any procedure due to COVID and opted for painkillers.

The effect of the painkillers would wear down easily and the pain would still persist. She finally decided to opt for Ayurveda medicine.

Treatment plan/ Medicines to be used – Trailokya Vijaya Vati

She was prescribed with TrilokayaVijayaVati with one tablet three times a day for a period of three days initially. And later the dose would be tapered.

Expected outcome of the treatment plan

The expected outcome was to relieve her of the pain.

Actual outcome

Even this small duration of 3 days was enough in her case to witness the painkilling effects of Vijaya. During her follow-up visit, she had no complaints of pain at all and was experiencing sound sleep too!


As mentioned in Ayurveda the line of treatment was decided with an aim of management of SHOOLA. The patient got relief from most of her complaints within a week of starting with the treatment.


Other than Surgical removal of the cyst – symptomatic management remains to be a more preferred option because 80% of the surgically removed cysts may re-appear. In cases of Chocolate Cyst patients often look for pain management as a suitable option. 

With proper pain management and regular imaging Chocolate Cysts are but a temporary hindrance in anyone’s life. In such a scenario, Trailokya Vijaya Vati serves to be an excellent choice of drug in the management of Chocolate Cysts.

Case study by Dr. Vikrant Patil

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